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Revamped Four Loko Will Appear On Shelves Nationwide by Dec. 13.


With Four Loko still being the most controversial alcoholic energy drink around, NY Daily News reports that the caffeinated version of the drink will be removed off shelves across the country by December 13. According to a press release from the makers, the drink has disappeared from the store shelves in order to prepare for the “new” Four Loko.

It will hit shelves without caffeine ingredients, the company promised. The real question at hand is will the drink still have the same popularity?

Four Loko was the blame for numerous alcohol-related hospitalizations for college students and since, has been banned in four states. The FDA takes part of the ban after issuing a letter to Phusion Projects, the manufacturer of Four Loko. The letter stated that the FDA has spoken to four other companies that produce similar energy drink and that there has been significant progress made in regards of the change in drink.

With news of the potential ban, this has led many consumers to stock up on their favorite drink.  I mean with a drink equivalent of three cups of coffee and five beers I can see why this drink is a craze but also why it’s a lethal drink. With each can about $2, it’s a staple to the college community.

  • COED Writer