The Buried Life Set Record For Largest Single Roulette Spin In Vegas History Tonight

Tonight The Buried Life guys will attempt to cross #75: Make a Million Dollars off the list and in doing so they make the biggest roulette spin in Las Vegas’ history. Ben dropped me an email saying:

Essentially we do something we’ve never done before to make $100,000, split it in four and go our separate ways to try to make as much money as we can. Duncan meets up with Jim Cramer on Wall Street, I go to the horse tracks (not the best idea), Dave goes into the fashion game and makes a Onesie (hilarious) and Jonnie’s is a secret. We then come back together and pool our money to do the largest roulette spin in Vegas’ history. We end up helping someone in a very major way as well, it’s the first time we have $ to make a big difference. It’s a great episode, entertaining and fun.

Sounds like this one hour season finale should be completely out of control, I included some previews below so check them out then tune in for the season finale tonight at 10pm on MTV.

#75: Make a Million Dollars Preview

Duncan hits Wallstreet with the famous Jim Cramer.

Dave heads to Vegas to launch the Onesie.

Ben heads to the horse tracks to try to make his Million

The Buried Life prepare to make the biggest Roulette spin in Vegas history.

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