COED Job Guide: Updating Your Resume

Many of you are graduating soon and heading into the workforce to join the rat race and make some money.  What you may fail to realize is that there are loads of other equally qualified (if not more qualified) candidates hunting for the very same job.  You are going to need an edge to make you more recognizable.  We’ll start with your resume.  Try out a few of these pointers to enhance you stock.
Card Stock Paper: You should not be putting your resume out on ordinary white computer paper.  It makes it look very bland and does not stand out to employers.  Try a bright white card stock paper or perhaps a nice linen cotton.  These are a lot classier and will stand out to employers more.
Highlight Your Experience: If you take a look at most of the classified ads that are posted you will find that they all feature one common denominator: EXPERIENCE.  So while you may be very proud of your executive leadership in the high school chess club, you might want to consider scrubbing that from your resume and instead highlight all of that experience you gained from other jobs and internships.  Try and show your leadership qualities through the various jobs you have held.
Keep It Short: Your resume should not be a cover letter.  It also shouldn’t rival a Charles Dickens novel in terms of length.  While you want to make sure the employer realizes how valuable you are going to be to his or her organization you don’t want to bore them to death.  Make sure you limit yourself to the actionable buzzwords of your experience and leadership qualities.

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