5 Rappers We Couldn’t Live Without

There’s hundreds of rappers in the world, but only a few that we couldn’t live without:

5. Drake

Although he’s only been in limelight for a few years, there’s no denying that he makes almost every song he touches great. Lyrically smart and extremely driven, it’s obvious that Young Money’s newest member will be around for years to come. He wants stated in a verse that the acronym to his name meant “Do Right and Kill Everything,” and we’d have to agree.

4. Lil’ Wayne

There aren’t too many artist that can have multiple songs on the Billboard charts while in solitary confinement, except if your name is Lil’ Wayne. Perhaps one of the greatest rappers this century, the world of hip hop would surely be lost without him.

3. Jay-Z

Genius. Legend. Trail blazer. CEO. King of the Roc. Beyonce‘s husband. “A business—man”. Need we say more?

2. Eminem

The Detroit born rapper was slated as the under dog from the very beginning of his career, but for over a decade he’s held his place at the top of the billboard ¬†charts. His lyrics are always expressed with raw emotion like no other artist in the industry. He’s been slated as “the best” by his peers for the obvious reasons, he is.

1. Kanye West

Arrogant? Perhaps, but what would the rap game be without Kanye West? ¬†He brought a different type of style to the world of rap, causing many to follow in his footsteps. He continues to be innovative with every album and every song. He only cares about one thing and that’s making good music.

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