The Many Looks of Christina Aguilera

In honor of Christina Aguilera’s new movie, Burlesque, COED decided to explore the many looks and styles of pop music’s ultimate diva. Throughout each major stage of her career, Christina has changed her appearance. Some days she’s “Dirrty” and other days she’s glitzy in glitter. It doesn’t really matter what she’s wearing though — X-Tina always looks hot. Here are some of her most infamous looks and outfits.

The Innocent Teenage Girl Next Door Look: Christina first hit the scene in 1999 and she scored big with her first hit song “Genie In A Bottle.” Although Christina, 19 at the time, was singing lyrics such as “My body’s saying let’s go” and “You gotta rub me the right way,” she managed to appear tame but sexy — like any girl next door fantasy. This look featured two main staples: Her baby blonde hair and her bare-midriff. She looked young, fresh, and innocent enough, but still managed to appear cute and intriguing. By far, this bubblegum pop look was Christina’s safest.


The Let’s Get Down and Dirty Look: Upon releasing her second album Stripped in 2002, Christina was no longer the girl next door. Instead, she stripped herself from her bubblegum pop princess title, willing to take everything and anything to the next level. Piercings? Check. White girl dreadlocks? Check. Heavy make-up? Check. Assless chaps? Check. Ever changing hair colors? Check. Pulling all the stops to shock her audience, Christina’s first single from Stripped was the scandalous “Dirrty.” Not only was she singing about getting dirty, but she was doing exactly that — wearing barely-there ensembles, getting over 11 piercings (some in her most intimate of places), and changing her name from Christina to X-Tina, for her new X-rated behavior.

The Tanning Bed Look:
Soon after Christina (or should we say X-Tina) started getting “Dirrty,” she went through a phase that involved a serious love affair with tanning beds. The girl was orange some days (thanks to self-tanner), and then burnt to a crisp the next (I guess her schedule only permitted her to be in a tanning bed sometimes). Regardless, Christina showed her true colors — in a variety of shades and colors.

The Pregnancy Glow Look: For a girl that looks good doing just about anything, Christina made motherhood a true fashion statement. Like many stars, she shed her clothes and posed nude with her new pregnancy body. However, although many mothers return to their natural roots throughout their pregnancies, Christina stayed true to herself by wearing heaps of make-up and being the platinum blonde bombsell that she is — except with an extra glow about her.

The Retro Look:
When Christina released her third studio album Back to Basics, Christina left her naughty image behind and started taking inspiration from the roaring ’20s, cabaret music (no wonder she is now starring in Burlesque), and jazz. Not only did the music sound like a throw-back, but Christina dressed the part to go along with it. In comparison to Christina’s past looks, this retro look made her appear grown-up and toned down. But since sexy seems to be the most important word in Christina’s vocabulary, of course she kept things short, sexy, and spicy.

The Hollywood Bombshell Look: Christina has proven herself as an artist, and now that she is one of the most famous women in the music industry, she dresses like old Hollywood and presents herself as the ultimate blonde bombshell. It makes perfect sense that her style evolution would lead her to the movie Burlesque, which will certainly feature glitz, glam, and a whole lot of attitude. Now more refined in her style, Christina makes anything look glamourous.

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