Use Your Student ID At These 7 Places To Save Money

It’s 1 a.m. and you’re still up working on that f***ing Poli-Sci paper. You wonder why you ever invested in college when all it seems to be doing is leaving you penniless and sleep-deprived. With the cost of tuition and books increasing, how is a guy supposed to have fun during the best years of his life? Two words: “Student ID”. Pull out that all access pass to awesome at these places and you’ll be surprised at the savings you’ll receive.


Students and food are almost synonymous. Since college students are always on the lookout for affordable dining, most restaurants offer discounts if you present your student ID. Be sure to check out the local fare around town. Chances are that college towns will cater to their clientele by offering low-cost meals. Another good tip is to check out lunch specials and happy hour at the local bar. Most bars offer a “2 for 1” special at the start of happy hour. You can get two drinks for the price of one, and with your student ID, maybe even be able to score some extra savings.


An unexpected place to receive discounts is at your local pharmacy. While most campuses cover medical costs as part of your annual tuition, some drugs aren’t covered by the university’s health plan. You may be eligible for discounts with your student ID. Also, take advantage of the free condoms and painkillers at your campus pharmacy. It’s always a good idea to stock up on freebies and use them as the time calls for it.


Most museums these days require a “suggested donation,” but if you’re a student, you might gain free admission through your student ID alone. Even if you don’t, you can pay whatever you wish at the museum.


The movie theater is also a great place to display your collegian ID card and nab some savings. With ticket prices elevating, who wouldn’t want to be part of a great savings plan? You may be able to splurge those pennies saved on an even larger bag of popcorn. Check out for a new movie near you.


Most banks and insurance companies also offer forms of discounts. Bank of America, for example, offers a free student checking account that automatically converts to a regular checking account after five years. A “Campus Edge” student account also offers a “Stuff Happens” card good for one service fee refund. So if you withdrew money from a non-Bank of America ATM, overdrafted on something, or if there was a stop payment fee, you can show this card to your bank and have them refund the fee. Definitely a great card to have in your wallet for those little messes that happen from time to time. Check out to see if you qualify.


If you’re dying to get in shape, try the campus’ fitness center for a free place to work out. Most campuses offer free gym services at no additional charge. The upkeep comes from yearly student membership fees, so students don’t have to pay anything extra to work out. Most fitness centers require a student ID and offer locker rooms, swimming pools, weight rooms, and even exercise classes. Just be sure to read the ads posted on bulletin boards near the gym and lockers.


A lot of department stores and local businesses offer student discounts as well. Places like Target, Best Buy, Enterprise Rent-a-car, and lots of clothing stores offer student discounts on all kinds of merchandise. Apple, Sony, Dell, and HP offer student deals on items as well. Most car dealerships offer discounts to students on top of existing discounts, as well as to those who’ve shown great academic ability. GM is one such place with good discounts for students.

So whether you’re getting a good deal at your local steakhouse or hoping to get a discount for those flowers you want to get your girlfriend, make sure to hand in your student ID to the customer associate to see what kind of savings are in store for you. You might be pleasantly surprised and save money to spend on your social life.

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