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The Model Life With Jessi June: Playboy Model & Miss COED Jessi June’s NEW Blog Series


Jessi June’s a Playboy model and Miss COED from Miami who agreed to share some of her personal stories for a brand new blog series on COED that we’re tentatively calling, “Get Messy With Jessi”. In her inaugural post she talks about a very interesting role she landed in a “massage instructional video”. All we know is it WASN’T hardcore. Enjoy!

Everyone always asks me, “So what’s an average day like in the modeling industry?’  Well, to be honest, there’s never really an average day. For example:

I received a message from a client asking me to model for the advertisement of his new video.  The video was an instructional massage video series, and I was to be in the promotional clips used to advertise.  My job was to take sexy headless photos, basically artistic stuff, scanning over the curves of my body while the words and advertisements took place on the screen.  It was good money, at my full day rate, and for only maybe an hour or two of work, but I would need to be there all day. Just another day, right?

Here were a few things that stood out to me:

  1. It was to be filmed at a mansion with a full film production crew and there would be food and drinks provided (not too bad)
  2. There would be someone on set to run out to get anything my heart would desire, so I wouldn’t have to leave and come back (ok, a little odd, for just a massage instruction video)
  3. If they did decide they needed me for the video, I would need to read over the script, and see if I was comfortable with it (comfortable with being massaged? who isn’t?? hmmm)  I know what you’re thinking…. Porn.  Well, we’ll get to that. ;)

The morning of the shoot, I get a call from the director asking me, “How would you feel about being the lead character for twice the money?” Now, most models would hear, “…twice the money” and jump at it.  But I thought to myself, “There’s a lead character in an instructional video?!” I told him that when I got there, I would look through the script and decide then.  He started asking what my limitations were for modeling.  I believe this is where Bill Engvall would pop his head in with a “There’s Your Sign!” moment.

Regardless, I wasn’t going to be doing anything sexual, and I’d most likely keep my original role. Besides, who wouldn’t want to visit a porn set for a day? Honestly. Don’t lie… you would if you could, too.  AND I was being paid.  Count me in!

So I show up at the house and find out I’m needed for a few roles as an extra.  I was the driver and a girlfriend of the male character.  The truth behind the video, once I meet the man whose behind it all, is it’s the first in a series of massage oriented ‘movies’ that will include some sexually intimate scenes.

Translation: Soft-core


So I put on a business suit and get ready to be “the driver” when the owner of the house (and the shoot) takes me out to the garage.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is where it was no longer just another day.

Sitting before me in a beautiful array of elegance on custom 20 inch rims was a car of pure beauty, The Bentley continental.  And I got to drive it.

Now let me tell you, for most of us red-blooded American drivers, this would be a dream. One of the nicest, most expensive cars there is, and I’m behind the wheel.  Well, it would be, until you realize it’s someone else’s and you’re responsible for anything that happens to it.  To say the least, I doubt I’ll handle my first-born child more delicately then I drove that car.

Now on to the fun part.  Allow me to be the first to tell you, that porn actors do NOT have it easy.  I was watching these people do their thing (and granted, they never actually did it, but it had to look like it) and they’re in the bed, doing their thing, and you kind of feel like a dirty voyeur or something, until you hear the 5’6, old bald guy behind the camera go, “Ok, more moaning please… good… do that last line again… no again… ok that will work… now lets move up her thigh… good…” It’s literally like having a little Steven Spielberg directing your sex life.  Yet another reason Jessi June couldn’t do porn, or even soft core stuff like that.

Secondly, the male actor couldn’t remember one line.  Not one!  And I’m not exaggerating. Every line had to be read to him before he would say it.  Every person behind the cameras could probably still, to this day, tell you what his lines were because they had been repeated so freakin’ much for him to get them.  It was atrocious.  Even the actress with him got fed up.

By the end of the day, Pretty much no one had faith in what they had worked on all day, the owner was miserable, already talking about redoing it, the director wasn’t even talking to anyone, the two actors were trying to figure out where they were going to go out for the night, and some of the owner’s friends were drunk out on the patio speaking Romanian to each other quite angrily.

The female model had a porn shoot pop up (a real one) so she took it that night and the male went out with the two drunk Romanians to go “womanizing at the local scene” (actually a direct quote, I shit you not). I stayed after, talking business with the owner of the shoot, as he was asking for my help in finding more models for his 9 other movies.


  • 2 miles driven in a Bentley
  • 1.5 hours of shooting for me
  • 14 hours for the movie
  • 14 total people not happy with the movie
  • 5 arguments that broke out
  • 8 bottles of liquor/wine consumed, none by me
  • 16 Togo’s sandwiches
  • 6 Roundtable Pizzas
  • 32 faked female orgasms as the male actor kept forgetting his line at the EXACT wrong time

I made a rich friend, left in good standing with the director, and the still photographer, and will now be credited in two roles in the film.  Cost of the shoot: Approximately $15,000.

Yup.  Just another day….

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