COED’s Drinks of the Week: Get Yer Buck On At Death’s Door With Bacon Vodka

We’re proud to introduce our new weekly feature “COED’s Drinks of the Week.” Every week we will be testing and reviewing the greatest (and not so great) liquor, beer, and wine flavors the world has to offer. It’s a damn hard job, but someone has to do it! This week we take a look at Death’s Door Gin, Red Stag Bourbon by Jim Beam, and Bakon Vodka. Here we go…

Death’s Door Gin

Owned by farmers and named after a treacherous 5-mile wide passage of water that separates Washington Island from the Door County Peninsula in Wisconsin, Death’s Door Gin is organically grown and produced. Awarded as one of Wine & Spirits Magazine 2009 spirits of the year this Gin is a winner!

Their mission is simple: “Create exceptional distilled spirits that protect, preserve, and promote the economy, environment and community of Washington Island, Wisconsin.”

Death’s Door Gin is currently available in 25 states. Including: AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, HA, IL, IN, LA, MD, MI, MS, MN, MT, MO, NV, NJ, NY, OH, TN, TX, WI, WY

Proof: 94 (47% ABV)

Age: N/A

Flavors: Vanilla, mint, and juniper.

TasteA- (Very Good)

Mix-ability: B (Good)

Price: C+ (Somewhat affordable) $33.00 USD (750ml)

Overall: We give Death’s Door Gin a B. It’s on a small list of gin’s you absolutely have to try!

Mix it up with – “The Corpse Reviver”

Ingredients: 3/4oz Death’s Door Gin, 3/4oz Lillet Blonde, 3/4  Cointreau or Triple Sec, 3/4oz Fresh Lemon Juice, and Absinthe

Directions: Add all ingredients except absinthe to an ice filled shaker.Shake in a frenzied but direct fashion. Strain into a chilled-coupe glass rinsed with absinthe. Garnish with a lemon ribbon

Red Stag Bourbon

You know you’re on to something when Kid Rock signs-on as the spokesperson for your newest bourbon flavor. Yeah, that’s right you’re looking at Jim Beam’s black cherry infused bourbon, better known as Red Stag. It’s your typical Jim Beam bourbon, but slowly infused with a natural black cherry flavor. And let me tell you, it’s delicious!

The black cherry taste will appeal to longtime Jim Beam fans and new-comers who may not have ever considered the Bourbon category(cough, cough… ladies!). Named one of the Top 10 spirits of 2009 by Novus Vinum Red Stag is no slouch. Let’s check it out…

Proof: 80 (40% ABV)

Age: 4yrs

Flavors: Vanilla, caramel, corn, oak, and (of course) black cherry

TasteA (Great) Very smooth!

Mix-abilityA (Great)

Price: A- (Very affordable) $18.00 USD (750ml)

Overall: We give Red Stag an A. It’s a perfect addition to your liquor stash and is excellent for mixed drinks!

Mix it up with – “The Brass Buck”

Ingredients: 3 parts Red Stag, 4 parts Ginger ale, Lime Wedge

Directions: Fill a highball glass ¾ with ice. Pour in Red Stag and ginger ale. Garnish with lime.

Bakon Vodka

You’ve heard it said a millions times “everything’s better with bacon!” Which is absolutely true if you ask me, but this “carnivorous cocktail” could be the exception to the rule…

Distilled in Idaho from potatoes, Bakon Vodka was born, branded and began distribution in April of 2009. Since then it’s gone on to receive critical acclaim as The Tasting Panel Magazine Publisher’s Pick for their September 2010, and winning the 2010 Silver Medal winner in the Wine and Spirits category in the Beverage World BevStar Awards. Here’s our thoughts…

Proof: 80 (40% ABV)

Age: N/A

Flavors: Bacon, Mmmmmm!

Taste: B- (Above average) Not for straight shots or sipping. It defiantly has the taste of bacon and that hits you right away, but it also has a sharp chemical taste to it as well.

Mix-ability: B (Good) This is a mixer for sure, and it makes perfect bloody marys!

Price: B- (Somewhat affordable) $30.00 USD (750ml)

Overall: We give Bakon Vodka an B-. This is a truly unique infusion that quite honestly has been pulled off exceptionally well. The problem we see is that the taste of your typical vodka and a strip of bacon couldn’t be more polar opposites to each other and that is this vodka’s only mistake.

Mix it up with – “The Bakon Mary”

Ingredients: 1½ oz. Bakon Vodka in a pint glass filled with ice, Fill glass with tomato juice, 1 dash each of celery salt and ground black pepper, 2-4 dashes each of Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco, 1/8 tsp. horseradish

Directions: Shake and pour into a salt rimmed pint glass. Garnish with a celery stalk and your
favorite pickled vegetables.

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