Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood [VIDEO GAME PREVIEW]

We’ve already stabbed, shot, dismembered, impaled, poisoned, and bludgeoned hundreds of baddies in Assassin’s Creed and Assassin’s Creed 2. In Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, everything that made your stab-happy heart go aflutter in prior AC games gets turned up a notch, and Ubisoft has a few spring-loaded tricks up its sleeve, so watch your back.

The biggest addition is the new online multiplayer modes. With five assassin classes to choose from (each with its own special ability) playing against other AC fans looks badass. So far Ubisoft has unveiled two modes: Wanted and Alliance. In Wanted mode, players assume the role of predator or prey in one-on-one stalker games. In Alliance mode multiple teams go at it to see who makes for the ultimate assassin tandem.

With a lot of originality behind class system and a unique multiplayer experience that perfectly fits AC, Brotherhood looks to have itself a deep online experience that’ll keep gamers coming back long after beating the campaign. I’ll see you on the battlefield. Rather, you won’t see me…until it’s too late.

The single player experience picks up shortly after AC2’s conclusion. Resuming the role as Ezio Auditore, the campaign will take you through Rome–a city suffocating under the thumb of a corrupt Pope and military. The map is said to be over three-times the size of AC2’s Florence, which means there should be tons of exploration to keep you occupied. Ubisoft also brought back the light RPG elements of city building. You can personally bring Rome’s territories back to greatness by investing hard-earned (and blood stained) money in the banks, merchant shops, blacksmiths, and other businesses dotting the map.

While you help the citizens and regions of Rome recuperate from tyranny, you’ll be picking followers along the way. That’s right…in Brotherhood you recruit an army of assassins. You can send your minions out to execute contracts in far off territories, upgrade their gear, and assign experience points to give them offensive and defensive abilities.

What’s become of Desmond and the dozen other mysteries that AC fan-boys are drooling to know are still under a tight lid. But, with a light foot and swift blade you can discover all of the secrets behind Brotherhood on November 16. Go team Ezio!

Check out the latest trailer below:

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