Does Anyone Give a Sh*t About Linkin Park Anymore? [Facebook Poll Results]

This morning, Linkin Park announced their 2011 tour dates to support their fourth studio album, A Thousand Suns. The 21 stop tour kicks off January 20th in Florida and ends in Colorado on February 26th. It’s the band’s first tour in two years and tickets go on sale this Saturday, 11/20. One of the first questions we had was, “Does anyone give a sh*t about Linkin Park anymore?” So, we decided to ask our Facebook followers. Here are their responses:

Yes: 37 people

Austin Freund – “stupid question, of couse stupid!”

Clinton Thomas Nunley – “yes, people do, fag.”

Aubrey Booboo Sanchez – “The question is, does anyone give a shit about you?”

No: 36 people

Jake Tardy – “if their music was still good maybe i would”

Chris Gibbens – “I enjoyed the first few singles, but it was a fast downward spiral to nothingness from there. And much like the song suggested, in the end, they never really mattered.”

Josiel Algozain – “Linkin park WAS awesome. And now its just like “huh? Who? Um..Oh yea that band”

Anthony Wilson Santiago – “no….havent you heard? theres a rapist in linkin park!!!!!”

… and the only vote that really counts.

As for me, Linkin Park was the best sh-t I ever heard back in Junior year of high school but now you couldn’t get me to listen to their new music at gunpoint. But really who am I to talk because LP has 16 million Facebook fans and I have only 45k, guess I’m just a hater. We’ll mark my vote down in the “No” column making it an even 50/50 split.

37 to 37

Just so you know this poll wasn’t biased I posted a picture of my methodology for counting votes, Ghetto but accurate. The last vote I counted was this chick “Stacie Fuentes,” any new votes after her don’t count because this is gonna hit the Linkin Park message boards and fans are gonna blow the numbers out of proportion.

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