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The 7 Biggest Badass Little People In Entertainment


Eastbound and Down’s second season came to a close Sunday night and one of the brighter spots during its sophomore run had to be the lil’ dude Aaron, played by Deep Roy. He originally served as Kenny’s sidekick then double crossed him. He cut down KP who, though pissed off Aaron f’d him over, admired Aaron’s stone cold persona. Any time the new K-Swiss spokesperson gives you props, that’s badass. Inspired by Aaron’s acts of aggression, we decided to take a look at other bad-ass little people.

Dylan Postl a.k.a. Hornswoggle

This ‘Irish’ dude has taken his share of bumps inside the squared circle and has been linked to Tammy Lynn Sytch and Stacy Kiebler.

Jason Acuna a.k.a. Wee Man

If you know the Jackass franchise, you know Wee Man. His insane stunts and nonchalant attitude have led to him being photographed with a score of beautiful women.

Joseph “Joe C.” Calleja

He was the  J-O-E to the C hoe. He was a  freak hoe call him sick -three foot nine with a ten foot #@%*! From touring with Kid Rock to wrasslin’ in the then WWF – Mr. C was quite an influence.

Photo by Chris Weeks/WireImage

Verne Troyer a.k.a. Mini Me

At 2′ 8” Verne Troyer is one of the smallest people in the world, but that didn’t stop him from trying to take over the world with Dr. Evil. If that doesn’t make him a badass, maybe his sex tape with Ranae Shrider will.

Stewie Griffin

You’re damn right a fictional cartoon character is on the list.  The Family Guy toddler oozes badass. The only reason he isn’t #1 is because Seth MacFarlane decided to take Stewie from homicidal maniac to fancy nancy boy.

The Half Pint Brawlers

Think ECW meets Jackass. These lil’ daredevils put life and limb on the life when they tour the county wreasslin’ in bars and civic centers. To hold the number one spot on the list of badasss little people was earned by these midgets when they got a tv show on Spike and appeared in Jackass 3-D.

Peter Dinklage

The angry South Pole elf is THE little guy to go to for top notch acting.

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