This Week in Weed: Wiz Khalifa Busted, Seth Rogen On Conan

First off, let us all take a moment of silence, for the rejection of Proposition 19 in California.

Proposition 19, also called The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act, was a bill that If passed, would have legalized various marijuana-related activities. The bill lost to a vote of 46% Yes, 54% No. But, have no fear, Proposition 19 will be back on the ballot in 2012, hopefully with a winning vote this time.

In other news, 23 year old rapper Cameron Jibril Thomaz aka Wiz Khalifa was arrested after performing at East Carolina University Monday night for possession. He was released on $300k bail and faces 3 charges – 2 felony counts and 1 misdemeanor. Wiz sports a $10k a month weed habit. Here’s video of his arrest:

Conan O’Brien’s new TBS show premiered last night and his first REAL guest was unabashed pothead Seth Rogen. He talked about his new movie, The Green Hornet, his marriage proposal (“her boobs were out!”) and about prop 19 and didn’t seemed too concerned considering how easy it is to get a medical marijuana prescription (“I have a very specific ailment, it’s called, ‘I ain’t go no weed on me right now!'”). Check out the full interview here:

This week, we highlight 2 types of weed: Northern Lights and Turtle Power.

Move Toward The Northern Lights

Has a great taste, and is a very convincing head high. Be prepared to zone out on the couch for a couple hours watching Adult Swim. Props to Cartoon Network for somehow always showing the Weed episode of The Boondocks.

Turtle Power!

This blend of Purple Haze and Early Girl usually takes the town by storm. With a sweet smell, and candy taste to match, this blend offers some piece of mind while also allowing one to be productive while stoned. Instead of vegging out, most want to get out, get up, and do something.

While saddened by the rejection of Prop 19, there’s still a lot to enjoy when it comes to California’s splendors. Until next week, I am signing out. Enjoy your Week In Weed!

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