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The Hottest Fornicators Of Californication Season 3


As many of you fornicators know, not one single NEW episode of Californication aired in 2010. Luckily, the third season (2009) released on DVD November 9th. To celebrate, COED highlights the hottest women to fornicate (or at least to make US want to fornicate) in Season 3. We featured Susan Sarandon’s daughter Eva Amurri in a photo gallery last October, broke news about Duchovny’s not so ironic admission to sex addiction (who wouldn’t be after being on this show?), and Madeline Zima’s appearance in FHM. We sure hope this dude uses protection!

Chelsea Koons played by Ellen Woglom

Chelsea is Becca’s best friend and daughter of Felicia and Dean Stacey Koons.

Felicia Koons played by Embeth Davidtz

The wife of the dean and the mother of Becca’s best friend, Chelsea.

Jackie The Student-Stripper played by Eva Amurri

We know where she gets those sweater kittens from. Like mother like daughter. Holy tater tots. Jackie’s one of Hank’s students who also happens to moonlight as a stripper. We at COED fully endorse this course of action. She appeared in 9 episodes and we’re hoping to see more this season. For more on the Jackie character, check out the video below:

Hank’s TA Jill Robinson played by Diane Farr

Hank’s teaching assistant also assists him with getting his rocks off. They bang. If only more work relationships were like this. You work in a prison? Ouch.

Kristine played by Kristine Blackport

Hank falls asleep inside Kristine in episode 1 of season 3. A woman has full license to punch me in the face if I’m falling asleep.

Daisy from Californication

The Porn Star Daisy Wick played by Carla Gallo

You may recognize Carla from Superbad (hint:she likes to grind whilst on her period), and Get Him To The Greek where she plays a groupie who has a unique shaving pattern for her downstairs parts. On Californication, she’s Charlie Runkle’s client and mistress.

Mia Lewis played by Madeline Zima

Mia’s a “sexually precocious and worldly” teen who wrote a book called, “F*cking and Punching.” Kind of reminds me of that character in Mallrats – you know, the one who Ben Affleck’s character had sex with in a very uncomfortable position (like the back of a Volkswagen?).

Heather played by Heather Chadwell

The real life Heather is a reality TV star with credits including Rock of Love, I Love Money, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The character Heather was in the episode “Slow Happy Boys” which aired on October 25th, 2009. Hank’s friend wants to engage in depravity and Heather is all to happy to oblige.

Suzanne played by Suzanne Freeman

Suzanne the actress has appeared on JAG, Ally McBeal, The Practice, and ‘Til Death. Suzanne the character helps out Heather (see above) with the depravity in “Slow Happy Boys”.

Diana played by Diana Terranova

Diana the actress has a laundry list of credits including appearances on Reno 911!, That 70s Show, Nip/Tuck, Party Down, The Hills Have Thighs (not kidding), Get Him To The Greek, The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It, and Milf. Diana the character appeared in two episodes, “Zoso” and “Slow Happy Boys”. Something tells us you’re gonna watch “Slow Happy Boys” first when you get the DVD.

Betty played by Alyssa LeBlanc

Betty’s one of Jackie’s friends who come to party with Hank and the gang. The next day, she and Jackie find the other friend unconscious. Somehow Rick Springfield had a hand in this.

Veronica played by Bridgetta Tomarchio

Well, speak of the unconscious devil. Veronica is Jackie’s other friend who came with Betty to party at the apartment then refused to wake up the next day. To quote the great Michelle Tanner from Full House, “How rude!” It’s episodes like this that prevent aspiring sluts from achieving full whoredom.

Elizabeth played by Christina Ulloa

She appears in the 11th episode titled, “Comings and Goings.”

“Young Wife” played by Fiona Gubelmann

She appears as “Young Wife” in the episode “Zoso”.

“Hank’s Student” played by Danielle Souza

Danielle plays one of Hank’s students in 2 episodes, “Verities & Balderdash” and “The Land of Rape and Honey”. We’ll take the honey minus the rape, please. Check out her ModelMayhem profile for more info.

Check out the best moments from Season 3 in the video below (NSFW):

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