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Adult Chocolate Milk Takes us Back to the Playground


If you think Four Loko, Sparks, and Joose are marketed towards people under the age of 21, you haven’t seen everything yet. Yes, the curiously dubbed Adult Beverage Company is unleashing a brand new line of sweet, adolescent-esque drinks, beginning with their inaugural Adult Chocolate Milk. Claiming to “have the tastes that instantly bring you back to your innocence,” this brand new liqueur is the latest in sweet, alcoholic treats.

Featuring a website with dancing cherub-like angels, packaging which looks like a vintage milk bottle, a creamy, chocolately taste, and 20% alcohol, Adult Chocolate Milk is prepared to pack a wallop. Their upcoming flavors are even more capable of taking people back to their days on the playground or in the cafeteria, including orange cream, fruit punch, and limeade. No, these aren’t juice box flavors, but rather boozy liquor beverages which seem to blur the lines between a people who might carry a backpack instead of a briefcase.

While Adult Beverage Company’s sugary concoctions are only currently available in Arizona, California, and Minnesota, look for further expansion in the future. These might be an ideal “escape from adulthood” after a stressful day of answering phones or sitting in meetings, but hopefully this is one adult beverage which stays out of the hands of teenagers.

COED Writer
Nick is a freelance writer and web content writer living in Philadelphia. He contributes to blogs and websites covering topics including music, sports, craft beer, gaming, food and entertainment. Follow him on Twitter @xnicknj or @BeerServedRare