A Big ol’ Bunch-o-Boobwiches for National Sandwich Day


Today is National Sandwich Day. While some might celebrate with a KFC Double Down or, for the more adventurous, the Nicaraguan Crab Sandwich, here at COED we’re honoring today with a bunch of big boobwiches that will make more than your stomach growl. What’s a boobwich? Well, instead of two chicken breasts serving as the buns or bread, you have…


Boob Press-24-17 Boob Press-21-14 Boob Press-52-52

Boob Press-9-42 Boob Press-34-28

Boob Press-35-29 Boob Press-30-24 Boob Press-8-41 Boob Press-15-7

Boob Press-14-6 Boob Press-4-34 Boob Press-39-33 Boob Press-42-37

Boob Press-38-32 Boob Press-11-3 Boob Press-3-23 Boob Press-2-12

Boob Press-7-40 Boob Press-12-4 Boob Press-13-5 Boob Press-16-8

Boob Press-5-38 Boob Press-17-9 Boob Press-20-13 Boob Press-18-10

Boob Press-22-15 Boob Press-27-20 Boob Press-29-22 Boob Press-23-16

Boob Press-31-25 Boob Press-28-21 Boob Press-32-26 Boob Press-33-27

Boob Press-37-31 Boob Press-36-30 Boob Press-51-51 Boob Press-50-50

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