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The NBA’s Big Mistake – “The Answer” Is In Turkey


In a summer where Darko Milicic ($5 million per year), Amir Johnson ($6.8 million per year) and Hakim Warrick ($4.5 million per year) were all way too overpaid by a league that’s allegedly losing money, even more of a mind-boggling blunder was achieved by all 30 NBA teams. Allen Iverson, 17th on the All-Time Scoring List and the 2001 MVP, was not even offered a contract.

I know there are negatives with signing A.I., but not one single team could see all the positives?! Pound for pound one of the toughest athletes in all of sports, Iverson always gives his all whenever he’s on the court and can still be an offensive force that puts pressure on the defense.

Sure, he has reservations about coming off the bench, but who wouldn’t on weak teams like the Grizzlies and Pistons. I’m sure he would fit into the 6th man role on contenders like the Lakers, Magic, Celtics or Heat, who either have proven leaders, a great coach or both. Yet teams like the Knicks or Clippers, who throw ridiculous amounts of money at total scrubs, aren’t interested in a future Hall of Famer, ticket selling offensive weapon to be a starter?!

So after not receiving a contract offer from any NBA team, Allen Iverson has decided to take his talents to Turkey. How much did he sign for you ask? Two years at $4 million. That’s only $2 million dollars a year! Not one NBA team would offer Allen Iverson $2 million dollars a year?!

As the season gets underway, it will do so without one of the NBA’s all time great scorers and most exciting players. David Stern, your NBA has made a big mistake and unfortunately for us, the “Answer” is now being appreciated half-way around the world.

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