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COED Salutes History’s Hottest Hookers (Like Client 9′s Ashley Dupre)


A new movie called, “Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer” releases in select theaters this Friday, 11/5. It’s an in-depth documentary about “The Sheriff of Wall Street” and former Governor’s torrid extramarital affair with the now infamous escort Ashley Dupre. It’s also prompted COED to take a look at the contributions hookers – both fictional and real – have made to our society. Join us as we deliver the goods on these heroic hookers who’ve made the world a better (if not more costly) place.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre

Her Corner: New York Political Scene, 2008

Lawyer, politician, and supposed Champion for Justice, Eliot Spitzer engaged in a little between the sheets naughtiness when he stepped away from his family to entertain a rather costly call girl. Ashley Alexandra Dupre practiced her trade on the governor at the bargain price of $1,000 per hour. While this writer is busy scratching his head and wondering what that translates to cost per second—just curious—Spitzer was more than happy to pay.

The New York Times broke the story of Spitzer’s antics, with help from Ms. Dupre, on March 10, 2008. At the press conference two days later, Spitzer, who it turns out had spent more than $80,000 on hookers while being married with three children, had this to say: “I cannot allow for my private failings to disrupt the people’s work. Over the course of my public life, I have insisted—I believe correctly—that people take responsibility for their conduct. I can and will ask no less of myself. For this reason, I am resigning from the office of governor.”

Check out the official trailer for Client 9 below:


Her Corner: Aztec Mythology

The Aztecs believed in this goddess that makes me grateful I’m a writer so I don’t have to pronounce her name. Xochiquetzal oversees fertility, beauty and female sexual power. Long before the Women’s Rights movement of the 20th Century, this member of otherworldly womanhood was teaching women their value in society. Xochiquetzal was perhaps the most powerful hooker of all time in the afterlife, and if that doesn’t win you a mention, then why even write this article? Thanks to her, the Aztecs believed, things like dancing, prostitution, and childbirth could go on, assuring the enjoyment and the continuation of society as a whole. Thank you, Xochiquetzal, for showing us the way.

“Pretty Woman” Vivian Ward

Her Corner: The Movies

While some hookers help bring down corruption in the real world and others fight it on the big screen, this character from the 1990 blockbuster Pretty Woman (played by Julia Roberts) is a hero of the heart. She’s not ruining politicians or protecting an entire culture of harlots, but she IS teaching a man how to love. Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) is a man in a business that he despises, making deals with devils on a daily basis. Ward catches Lewis’s eye. He hires her to attend social functions with him and slowly starts to fall in love. Sure, it’s a movie, but it’s a powerful one that teaches us that it’s never too late to shed the bad for the good. Who cares that it took a hooker—and a rather hot one at that—to get the point across?

Mary Magdalene

Her Corner: The Bible

Mary Magdalene was a friend to Jesus Christ for those of you who are familiar with Christian canon. Guys like Dan Brown (The DaVinci Code) also propel the theory that she was his wife. Whether that is actually the case, we get Mary’s place in Biblical lore. She’s exemplary of the idea that salvation is attainable for everyone, even someone who sells their goods for money. While Christian lore does require a change of profession, the idea that Magdalene could be redeemed after living in such a manner sends a message of hope to those at their lowest point. You go, Mary Magdalene!

Belle du Jour

Her Corner: Modern Science

Not only did Belle du Jour give us late-night TV watchers something steamy to check out on her Showtime reality series, but she also proved to girls in the world’s oldest profession that you didn’t have to be stupid to sleep with stupid men. The U.K.’s most famous prostitute sends a mixed message of self-image. We admit that much. But she also serves as an example to underprivileged women everywhere that your body doesn’t necessarily have to be your sole asset in life. Belle du Jour, you are one hooker that is out of this world!

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