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SUPER UPDATE On The Most Anticipated Superhero Movies


Bruce Wayne. Tony Stark. Megatron. If you know who those 3 are, you’ve passed the geek test and will be in for a treat with this post. With superhero movies coming out every weekend these days, we thought we’d be the filter for you and give you some insight on some of the most anticipated super hero movies to come over the next couple of years. There have also been numerous rumors leaving everybody scrambling the find some truth. Without further adieu, allow us to separate the crap from he facts…


The Dark Knight left us all waiting for a bat signal of what will come in the next film. Lucky for you, we have some dirt.

WHAT WE KNOW: Super Director, Christopher Nolan, finally gave the media some insight on what can be expected in the latest installment of the Batman series – mainly identifying that the villain will not be the Riddler and that he will not give in to the 3D craze, but will rather employ the HD and IMAX aesthetics that were used in the Dark Knight.

WHAT WE HEAR: Rumor has in that Tom Hardy (RocknRolla, Inception), will be cast in the film. He is definitely a great actor and after seeing him work with Nolan in Inception, we have sky-high expectations for his role in the Dark Knight Rises. There is a lot of chatter that the Black Mask, Hush, and Croc are the front-runners for the villain, but there are no sources with enough clout for us to back any of it up.

WHAT WE EXPECT: Hard to say. Why? If you ask 1 million people what the best super hero movie is to date, I assure you that the overwhelming majority will say The Dark Knight. So, while I have no doubt whatsoever that the next installment will be phenomenal, I am unsure if it will meet people’s stratospheric expectations. Christian Bale is an insanely talented actor, as is Hardy, and Christopher Nolan is one of the most coveted Directors these days – so they have the talent. Now it’s time to back it up…


Chris Evans will have another whirl at being a super hero. He definitely looks the part with the pictures that have leaked so far.

WHAT WE KNOW: Captain America is a very important character within the Avengers, especially since he is the first Avenger. With hints of Captain America’s arrival to Hollywood appearing in Iron Man 2, we know that this film will also have some tie-ins to 2012’s Avengers.  We know that the storyline here indicates that in receiving the super soldier serum (also used in The Incredible Hulk movie) Captain America leads a group of elite soldiers.

WHAT WE HEAR: We hear that Chris Evans (Fantastic Four, Push, The Losers) got ridiculously ripped for this movie and took it very seriously. We hear that the original Captain America costume will only be seen briefly in this movie as it is used for propaganda, where Captain America will then go to Tony Stark (Iron Man) and ask him to make some modifications.

WHAT WE EXPECT: Chris Evans is a talented character, but seems to always be the immature wise-ass in all of his roles lately. This might make it a little difficult to take him seriously when it counts. Still, there will be a ton of cross paths with other super heroes in this film and multiple references to other characters (maybe even some cameos). Expect this movie to be entertaining as hell, but not a fan favorite (like X Men Origins: Wolverine).


Ryan Reynolds (also in Scarlett Johansson) trades in being a villain (Deadpool) for being a super hero in Green Lantern.

WHAT WE KNOW: We know that we like 90% of movies with Ryan Reynolds in it (Amityville Horror, X Men Origins: Wolverine, Van Wilder, Smokin’ Aces). He is talented and while he did have many immature and wise-ass roles, he has show us that he can also play a more serious character. This is definitely important for super-hero movies as it builds to the suspense and showdown with the villain when you see that the protagonist seems genuinely concerned rather than cracking jokes.

WHAT WE HEAR: We hear that there will be some references and scenes on planet Oa. We also heard that the power battery looked awesome at the Scream 2010 awards. Rumor has it that the first teaser of Green Lantern will be unveiled during the latest Harry Potter installment that will be here in a few short weeks.

WHAT WE EXPECT: We expect this movie to be decent, but while we like Green Lantern – he may not be the best character to make a full length feature film about. It will be really challenging for special effects to justify the power ring.


Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek) shows that he can handle taking a lead role in an A-List franchise.

WHAT WE KNOW: Chris Hemsworth got ridiculously jacked for this movie. We all know that Thor was pretty diesel and that the legendary hammer must be heavy as hell, but still – this guy got jacked. Like Captain America, Thor plays an important role in the Avengers so you can expect a lot of references to other super heroes and perhaps even some cameos.

WHAT WE HEAR: We hear that the Frost Giants (bad guys) look pretty awesome and that Loki (Tim Hiddleston) and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) played their parts flawlessly, while Odin (Anthony Hopkins) wasn’t as convincing.

WHAT WE EXPECT: We expect this movie to be really good. The special effects will be the challenging part considering the setting and complexity of some of the action sequences. Still, there is enough talent in this cast and the right team together that can really pull this off. Our prediction is that like Captain America, this will be a thoroughly entertaining film, but will not reach Dark Knight status.


Comic book fans and super hero enthusiasts are going to cream their pants when this movie comes to theaters. With the anticipation for this building ever since the end of Iron Man, you can expect this film to be a huge hit. Story lines from Iron Man and Iron Man 2, Captain America, and Thor are all certain to be intertwined by leading up the The Avengers.

WHAT WE KNOW: We know the cast is set to be Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Evans (Captain America), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Lou Feriggno (The Incredible Hulk), Don Cheadle (War Machine). There is a ton of talent in this movie and it should most definitely be a blockbuster.

WHAT WE HEAR: We hear that the wildcard here will be the villains. We hear that the story lines from films that starred each of the super heroes above will all be intertwined into the plot of The Avengers. Aside from that, there isn’t enough detail or legit sources to really dish some more exciting dirt here.

WHAT WE EXPECT: We are unsure how great the movie will actually be, but we still expect it to be a huge hit at the box office. We expect each high profile super hero to play their role really well, but we have no doubt that Samuel L. Jackson will be terrible as Nick Fury. Our prediction is that Robert Downey Jr. completely outshines the other stars of this film, but the story line will still make it a huge hit.


Superman Project: Thank God that Superman Returns will not be our most recent memory of one of the most iconic superheroes. Super Director Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Inception) has been given the nod to direct and re-boot the Superman franchise. Expect it to be HUGE. While they are very few details about the movie, we like what we hear so far about Nolan running the show.

The Flash: The Flash is one of the wittiest of the super heroes and the movie will be a great balance of humor, action, and drama. Rumor has is that Chris Pine (Star Trek) was offered the lead, but that is just a rumor.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon: We know that Megan Fox is out and this will have an explosion every 5 seconds since Michael Bay is still the director. We will definitely miss Megan melting the screen, but they definitely found a capable replacement in Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Deadpool Project: There are plenty of rumors that Deadpool will get his own movie after an appearance as the main villain in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool perfectly and with a very interesting backs tory, this film will surprise many with it’s success.

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