The Best Halloween Costumes On Facebook 2010 [PICS]

We scoured Facebook and found some of the best costumes from this weekend. In addition to our detective work, former Miss Hooters International Raechel Holtgrave sent over a few pictures of her in a rockin’ Katy Perry costume. As you’ll see Raechel clearly was the sexiest Halloween costume in America (scroll all the way to the bottom to see all the pics). If you have any pics you want us to include upload them to the COED Magazine Facebook group and we’ll add them.

Submit your pictures (upload them to our Facebook Page) and we’ll add them to the post! Here are some Facebook submissions…

Claudie Auclair

Submissions via Facebook

…and Raechel Holtgrave!

Proof That Halloween Is The Sexiest Holiday Of The Year!
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