The NFL’s Most Notorious Headhunters

In light of the NFL’s attempt to make the game resemble flag football (the less contact, the better), we take a look at some of the most intimidating players the NFL has ever seen.  They may try to reduce the pain now, but we’ll always have the past to bask in, past players and present.

Albert Haynesworth

His current contract dispute may be all that you guys think of when Haynesworth comes to mind.  However this massive man is notoriously known for one of the dirtier displays on the field when he stomped on Andre Gurode’s head-without a helmet on- at the end of a play.  Not quite athletic enough to go helmet to helmet, Haynesworth lays down the law with his stumps for legs.

Bill Romanowski

Is there anyone better to be the face of foul play in the NFL?  Shots to the head was in Romanowski’s arsenal, but he didn’t stop there.  Along with going for the noggin, Romanowski bit fingers, threw punches (and a flag or two), and even went after his own teammates.  Can you say anger management?

Rodney Harrison

You can’t leave out a guy who’s career consisted of nearly a quarter million dollars worth of fines from the NFL because of his dirty play.  Harrison wasn’t quite as dirty as Harrison, but was vicious with head blows time and time again.  Only a week ago Harrison said that money wasn’t a deterrent to dirty play.  Atta boy Rodney.

Ryan Clark

Clark teams up with Troy Polamalu to form one of the nastiest safety tandems in the NFL.  Polamalu often gets the highlight reel INT’s, but Clark lets it be known that there ain’t no sunshine when he’s on the field. Clark shares the love as he inflicts pain on the offense time and time again.

James Harrison

Another Steeler, you can argue that intimidation is the key to the Steel Curtain and not so much scheme.  Harrison has been knocking players out left and right and the NFL is not pleased.  Isn’t that why they are trying to clean up the hitting?  Harrison was given a $75,000 fine and pondered retirement for a few days.  It’s not hard to see why as inflicting pain on the offense is as much a passion for Harrison as the game of football.

Hines Ward

Are you noticing a trend with a third Steeler on this list?  What’s all the more impressive is that Ward is a Wide Receiver, the ultimate diva position on the field.  Don’t let that fool you as Ward takes more pride in his blocking than any other offensive skill player.  But that doesn’t mean Ward won’t knock out a guy or two.  Just ask Keith Rivers what happened to his jaw.

Chuck Cecil

A former safety, Cecil is now the defensive coordinator of the Tennesse Titans.  Considered one of the dirtiest teams in the NFL, that has to come somewhere and look no further than Cecil.  Tennessee often claims fair, but rough play, but their opponents have frequently felt otherwise.

Cortland Finnegan

The face of Cecil’s dirty defense, Finnegan can often be found in a scrum with an offensive player.  He’s one of the smaller players in the league, but don’t let Finnegan’s size fool you.  He’s one feisty mofo that’s for sure.  At least he embraces it as Finnegan has strived to be the NFL’s dirtiest player.

Jack Tatum

Who better to cap off this list than Tatum?  Tatum played during the 70’s and was nicknamed The Assassin.  Stingley paralyzed Darryl Stingley with a vicious hit along his well known hit on Sammy White in Super Bowl XI

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