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8 Conspiracy Theories That May Actually Be True


Everyone has a conspiracy theory. More often than not they are false, whether they were intended to be unverified rumors or simply that it was conjecture that was given credence. The two factors in what can make a conspiracy real is time and facts. Given enough time, facts will present themselves justifying or discounting conspiracy theories. Here are 8 conspiracy theories that may actually be true.

Robert F. Kennedy Assassination

Robert F. Kennedy was killed in the Ambassador hotel on June 5, 1968 shortly after winning the California primary election for President. He was shot as he walked through the hotel’s kitchen by Sirhan Sirhan with a revolver. His revolver held 8 bullets, all emptied by the time he was brought to the ground. And for a number of years that was held as the account of that night.

The only problem is that after analyzing Stanislaw Pruszynski’s audio recording from that night, forensic expert Philip Van Praag found that more than 8 shots were fired. To further solidify the theory of a second gunman, there are instances of a double shot where two shots are fired so close together that they couldn’t have been shot from the same gun.


UFO Cover Up

Their really shouldn’t be any argument about whether or not aliens exist. Of course they do. When you think about how massive the milky way galaxy is, let alone the entire universe, it’s hard to prove that other life forms can’t exist. So the argument should be, whether or not there is an active cover up.

It’s hard to believe a crazy person who lives in the middle of nowhere that he saw a UFO or was abducted. So who would you believe if they told you they saw a UFO? Would you believe former President Ronald Regan? Then governor of California Ronald Reagan in 1974 saw a UFO while aboard a plane. He later recounted to Wall Street Journal reporter Norman C. Miller that he had seen a UFO, but did not elaborate. His sighting was corroborated by the pilot Bill Paynter:

“It was a fairly steady light until it began to accelerate. Then it appeared to elongate. Then the light took off. It went up at a 45-degree angle-at a high rate of speed. Everyone on the plane was surprised. . . . The UFO went from a normal cruise speed to a fantastic speed instantly. If you give an airplane power, it will accelerate-but not like a hot rod, and that’s what this was like.”

Don’t trust Ronald Reagan? Well how about the Chicago Tribune? Here’s the writer of the article speaking about the UFO that was seen spotted above Chicago O’Hare Airport.


Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Could the United States start a war using unverified or even false information? (See Iraq War Below) In the lead up to the Vietnam War there was growing unrest in their northern neighbors, China. What triggered the Vietnam War was an attack by North Vietnam called the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. On August 2, 1964 USS Maddox was engaged by North Vietnamese torpedo boats, but defeated them.

Two days later, it was reported, that on August 4th the USS Maddox and USS Turner engaged more torpedo boats. But this time the reports were wobbly. Either way the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, passed in Congress on August 7th, giving Lyndon B. Johnson the go ahead to pursue military action against North Vietnam.

In 2005 the truth came out when NSA historian Robert Hanyok discovered that the NSA had deliberately distorted intercepts from Vietnam to Washington. Scott Shane writes:

Both men said Hanyok believed the initial misinterpretation of North Vietnamese intercepts was probably an honest mistake. But after months of detective work in NSA’s archives, he concluded that midlevel agency officials discovered the error almost immediately but covered it up and doctored documents so that they appeared to provide evidence of an attack.


New World Order

The New World Order conspiracy theory claims that there is an emerging one-world government that will be controlled by the super-wealthy and the politicians that they will associate themselves with.

Well, silly as it seems, globalization has created the foundation for just that. Global governmental bodies like the United Nations and the World Trade Organization as well as how powerful multinational corporations like Wal-Mart and ExxonMobil have become, the beginnings of a New World Order are already in place.

Conspiracy theorists believe that this will bring about the end of nations and countries will be merged into regions. The amount of power that the European Union has over European nations shows the beginning of exactly that. Americans worry that NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, will lead to the creation of a North American Union.


Electric Car

For years conspiracy theorists claimed that auto and oil companies were intentionally keeping electric cars from hitting the market despite the fact that they had already been produced and there was much demand. The hit documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?” proved just that.

The film detailed how General Motors had created an electric car only to take all the cars back and stop all production with the help of oil companies and the government. After decades of stalling, independent auto manufacturer Tesla Motors has brought back production of electric cars.


Iraq War

Iraq War conspiracy theorists claim that plans to invade Iraq were already in the works when the Bush Administration came into power, long before the September 11 attacks and the alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction mess that the invasion was tied to.

Well, if more people watched CBS’ “60 Minutes,” perhaps this wouldn’t be called a conspiracy theory. Almost six years ago, former Bush Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill (no, not the baseball player) revealed that the administration was already looking for a way to attack Iraq three months before September 11. Bob Woodward, one of the journalists that broke the Watergate story, independently wrote the same thing in his book “Plan of Attack.”

In subsequent years the Bush administration began to back track their statements, qualifying intentions for things that had long been done. With misappropriation investigations gag ordered, Blackwater and WMD’s, the Iraq War seems like it was started not just because Saddam Hussein threatened his own people.


The Food Is Poisoned

For decades conspiracy theorists have argued that big corporations and the government are poisoning the world’s food supply to control the population. With so many deaths in the United States and all over the world coming from food alone, it’s hard to argue.

It’s unlikely that the corporations are actually poisoning the food, though. More likely, they are cutting all the costs possible.

Genetically modified food, or crops that have had their genetic code altered to prevent pest or climate damage (90% of which comes from food giant Monsanto) make up the majority of the crops grown in the United States.

If you check the ingredients label you’ll see that most of the things we eat are hardly food but actually food-like substances meant to mimic the taste and texture of real food.

If you see the conditions in which our beef and chicken is raised and how much pharmaceuticals the animals are pumped full of to prevent disease (only to cause disease), most will never bite into a burger again.

Monsanto and most food companies are known for cutting all of the corners that they can and make as much money as possible off of products that are hardly safe and “regulated” by former Monsanto workers that make up the FDA.


They’re All Out To Get You

Yes, the people in the tin foil hats were on to something. The truth is, everywhere you look, it seems as though everyone is out to get you.

The government has created a wealth of laws, particularly drug laws, while also allowing private corporations to build and run prisons which has resulted in the prison population jumping five-fold since 1980 (from 500,000 prisoners to 2.5 million prisoners!) because inmates are such a profitable business.

The biggest companies in the world, the banks, insurance, and credit card companies, all make their profits by trying to screw you through tricky language in contract agreements. Companies are all to willing to sacrifice safety for lower costs.

The worst part of it all is, while we are used to being wary of the faceless multinational corporations, Americans are much to willing to take on jobs in which they deny people medical coverage, talk them into agreeing to loans or credit cards that will destroy their financial future, and perform all sorts of hawkish, anti-productive practices, all in the name of a dollar.

COED Writer