Blue Mountain State: Brian Bosworth Says Don’t Have Sex

For those of you who’ve never seen one of the funniest shows on cable, Blue Mountain State is a show about a fictional college football team that airs on Spike Wednesdays at 11PM (eastern time). Anyone that has played football will tell you that the show might be based on a fictional team the subject matter is anything but fiction.
Like this last episode, ‘Born Again.’

In it Thad, the meathead of a team captain, has a dream where Brian Bosworth is God and tells him if he can abstain from any sort of sexual release for the season than he will go in the top three of the NFL draft next year. Thad lives for football so he has no problem doing so and in the process turns into an absolute animal on the field.

Sure enough this ends up becoming a way of life for this over-sexed bunch of misfits after Coach Daniels makes the team all abstain from sex. Of course this is not easy for these guys and many of them join a born again support group at the local church where they are scheduled to play a flag football game. The meeting gets good when Mary Jo, the new cheerleader decides to come in and talk about how bad she has been in vivid detail.
The guys are so worked up abstaining from sex that they have to tape their erections down in order to play the flag football game with the church. This becomes problematic for one player when he decides enough is enough and sneaks off with Mary Jo to the port o’ potty. Problems arise when he rips the tape off (he forgot to use pre-wrap).
If you are a male and have ever spent time in a locker room you will find the outrageousness of this show hilarious. If you missed it don’t worry, you can catch the previous week’s show right after the new one each week.
Check out the trailer below:

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