COED’s Letter to Brett Favre’s Wife, Deanna Favre

Dearest Deanna,

We saw you on Good Morning America talking about your book “The Cure for Chronic Life” and we simply want to offer our deepest and sincerest sympathies. By now, you’ve surely seen the Saturday Night Live parody of Brett’s Wrangler commercial. Things are getting a little out of control and that’s why COED is here for you.

Your husband finally admitted to leaving creepy voicemails for former Jets reporter Jenn Sterger.  Yet, he still denies the dick pics were his. Isn’t it about time to sack this relationship?

You claim faith is getting you by, but we hope you drop into punt formation quicker than Brett can drop his pants for another c*ck shot.

Brett has often claimed the comfort he finds is from his Wrangler Jeans, but how about you, Deanna?  You’ve stayed by him this whole time despite the fact he’s been scrambling to other women.

Maybe you’ve put a positive spin on Brett and view him like the Red Sox faithful viewed Manny Ramirez. Brett being Brett.

We’re looking out for your best interests, Deanna.  Please do us all a favor and place Brett on waivers.

Your Quarterbacks In Waiting,

COED Magazine

PS – We almost forgot to salute you for your hard work running The Deanna Favre Hope Foundation, which supports breast cancer education. We at COED have tried our best to raise awareness.

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