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The 8 Most Bizarre Boob Inventions


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as I’m sure you’re well aware of by now. It gets a whole month because there’s nothing better than a set of sweet melons. No offense gay guys who don’t like boobs, that’s the fatal flaw in your whole game. Companies know that tatas are magnificent and guys will buy anything that looks like them and chicks will buy anything to help them look bigger better.¬† Here’s a peek at some of those very products that make us bounce with joy.


What better way to bong your beer than two giant boobs? Just pull the nipple rings and let the bong races begin.

The Kush

It’s a breast separator that allegedly reduces the likelihood that your chick gets wrinkles in her cleavage.

Jingle Jugs

It’s the best rack any hunter could ever mount on his wall… and it plays festive music too.

Cleavage Caddy

Once her handbag is stuffed, she can still find room in the bra that doubles as a purse.

The Amazing  Magic Boob

Think Magic 8 Ball but way cooler. Need the answer to life’s biggest question? Just give this beauty a jiggle. Wish I would’ve got this when I was 10.

Emergency Bra

Worried about terrorists or chemical warfare? Then you better hope the waitress is wearing one of these in case you get attacked at happy hour; it’s the bra that turns into a gas mask.

iBoobs Naughty Speakerphone

There is no better way to listen to your favorite tunes than by resting your head on nice set of… well, you can see what they are.

Wine Rack

Boobs and Booze, what can go wrong? This sports bra holds 25 oz. of the adult beverage of your choice.

  • COED Writer