10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes We Love To See (Regardless Of How Obvious They Are)


Halloween‘s one of the best holidays of the year for guys and girls alike. Guys get to be inappropriate and offensive (making sure their costume isn’t on our TO AVOID list) and girls… well, girls don’t even have to wear clothes! Sure, sometimes it doesn’t matter what you wear, especially if you have colossal cleavage, but if you’re a chick who’s looking to have all eyes on you, peep our 1o sexiest Halloween costumes below. You might notice a trend. (*cough, high heels, cough, mini-skirt, cough*)

10. Sexy Sailor

Like what you see? Check out our Ocean-sized photo gallery of Fleet Week Foxes or Sexy Sailor Girls.

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9. Lovely Cheerleader

By now, you have to realize we are the FOREMOST authority on hot cheerleaders. See them all here.


8. Hot Cop

It’s one of the most popular fantasies out there for dudes. For some reason, in real life female cops don’t take too kindly to such a compliment. We still bet they have a pair of fuzzy cuffs back at the crib.

7. Randy Referee

It’s one of the worst jobs in sports, but we’ll take personal fouls from these chicks anytime.

6. Army Hottie

I understand if you’re shipped off and you want someone to hug you when you return home, but damn, knowing we’re missing these? TORTURE!


5. Scandalous Schoolgirl

Another popular male fantasy. Yes, we want to teach her a lesson. Yes, we want her to get head of the class. Yes, we’re pervs. You are, too, so satiate your “disease” with our gallery of sexy schoolgirls.


4. Buxom Buccaneers

There were a pair of very high quality adult films that pushed the pirate smush boundaries. It also pushed the popularity of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders way beyond the crow’s nest, laddy. Some might say it’s the sexiest costume of 2010!

3. Frisky French Maid

Another popular male fantasy!? Maybe we’re starting to see a pattern? So, how does one get a girl into one of these? Halloween helps. We had some girls tell us, just in case Halloween isn’t good enough reason.

2. Steamy Stewardess

No thanks, I have one right here. It’s bulky but I consider it carry-on. The mile high has never cost so low! You guessed it. Yet another popular male fantasy.


1. Naughty Nurse

It’s all about service. And no other profession pays more personal service than this clan of cleavagey caretakers. If you’re feeling down, take a dose of this hot nurses gallery and call us in the morning.


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