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10 Beers With Ridiculous Names


We drink some beers because they’re cheap. We drink some beers because they taste great. Other beers we drink because, well, they get us drunk quicker.  Then, there are some beers we drink regardless of taste, price, or alcohol content. We drink THOSE beers because we love the name! The following 10 beers have the most peculiar names on the market:

Old Leghumper Porter (Thirsty Dog Brewing Company)

As soon as you heard this name you pictured Jack Nicholson, Hugh Hefner, or your creepy uncle. Just imagine how the dog on the six pack above feels. At least, he’s got a better chance than you. He’s like 77 in dog years!

Sweetwater Happy Ending Imperial Stout (Sweetwater Brewery)

Just saying the name makes you smile, right? This beer’s pretty good, so even if SHE doesn’t give you a happy ending, IT will probably lead to one. It just might cost you a couple hundo.

McGuire’s I’ll Have What The Gentleman On The Floor Is Having Barley Wine (McGuire’s Irish Pub)

If ordering this beer while there’s actually a dude passed out on the floor isn’t on your bucket list, you need to re-evaluate your priorities, my man.

Wasatch Polygamy Porter (Utah Brewers Cooperative)

This one wins for best slogan—‘Why have just one?’ The Mormons go nuts for this sh*t. It’s the official beer of E!’s The Girls Next Door.

Nude Beer (Coast Range Brewing Co.)

Gettin’ nude is the foremost reason we drink beer, so the name makes sense. The fact it’s banned in Michigan makes it even better. Now, put some clothes on, you’re freakin’ us out!

Ridgeway Santa’s Butt (Ridgeway Brewing)

Like Nude Beer (see above), Santa’s Butt has been banned in Maine and New York. Have fun at Christmas without toys, you jerks!

Dogfish Head Golden Shower (Dogfish Head Craft Brewery)

R. Kelly’s favorite beer changed its name to Golden Era, so he got mad and swore off alcohol. Better to be pissed off than pissed on, I say.

In Heat Wheat (Flying Dog Brewery)

A quote from Hunter S. Thompson on the label? This beer HAS to be good. Or good enough to get her ‘in heat’. Save the Spanish Fly for a rainy day.

Big Rock Cold Cock (Big Rock Brewery)

Big Rock Brewery had to discontinue this brand. I mean, how many more dudes have to be arrested before everyone understands, “I’mma Cold Cock that bitch” is a drink offer and not a threat?

Rhino Chasers (28 North Custom Beer Company)

This is THE beer of choice when you go hoggin’. You’ll have beer goggles so thick the late great Harry Caray will call you blind.

COED Writer