Universal Beer Opener, Doubles as a Remote

It’s a common dilemma, your coffee table has upwards of 5 remotes strewn across it, one for each of the following: dvd player, surround sound, television, DVR, and cable box. What a mess, and god forbid friends or family stop over to watch some college football and someone tries to change the channel or turn up the volume, because it will undoubtedly trigger 10 minutes of chaos trying to get the game back on the screen.

The simple solution would be to go out and get a universal remote that can control each device individually. Heck, even Wikipedia tells us this a good idea, see: “A universal remote is a remote control that can be programmed to operate various brands of one or more types of consumer electronics devices. You should get one!” What Wikipedia doesn’t tell us, is that there now exists a universal remote that is not only programmable for up to eight individual devices, but it also doubles as a beer bottle opener!

They call it the “Clicker” and it is my new best friend! My clicker was delivered last week Tuesday and I am proud to report that as of today, I’ve watched 3 uninterrupted football games and enjoyed 10 full bodied micro brews. The Clicker supports over 800 preset manufacturer device codes. I programmed 5 devices and it took me about 7 minutes. I strongly recommend this remote to anyone with more than 2 remotes and a thirst for ice cold brews.

Price: $24.00

Online Store: MyClicker.com

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