Break out your vuvuzelas, EA’s newest installment of FIFA Soccer has just been released on Nintendo Wii.  For soccer fans looking for the most realistic, true to life representation of the game, FIFA 11 is the video game you’ve been waiting for. With 500 teams, 30 leagues,  and 1500 individual players to choose from there is no other game like it for the Wii.

Number of Players: 1-4 | Release Date: 10/4/2010 | Publisher: EA Sports | Platform: Nintendo Wii

FIFA Soccer 11 features numerous game play enhancements over last years edition that truly brings this game to life. As one of the very few games that takes advantage of the Wii’s online capabilities, FIFA 11 allows you and a friend to play 2 vs 2 in online play. If you’re good enough you’ll get ranked atop the online international leader board.

Key Features

  • Hit the streets for all-new, rough and rowdy street soccer matches, pitching five vs. five in games where you make the rules and you decide on the setup — from mini-nets to elevated goals.
  • Experience open-street freedom as you bounce the ball off the wall, don street clothes and build up a power meter to unleash boosters like blasts, shockwaves, shoulder barges and more.
  • New trick system responds to your controls with total precision, so you can show off rainbow flicks, 360° spins, scorpion kicks and more.
  • Blast, finesse, chip or tip the ball into the net using a new shooting mechanic that puts complete control in your hands.
  • Take on traditional 11 vs. 11 matches in Hit the Pitch mode, and sign on with one of more than 500 licensed teams from more than 30 leagues in realistic soccer action.
  • Feel the thrill of competition in Tournament modes that match your skill level, and bring friends along to share the glory or battle for the ball.
  • Unleash unique user-controlled celebrations after goals and unlock even more antics.
  • Jet off to exotic new places in gameplay that expands across the globe, from the heat of Brazil to the bustle of London and the streets of France.
  • Multiplayer for 1 to 4 players.


  • Beautiful new menus
  • Improved passing system and ball physics
  • New creative celebrations
  • The pace of game more realistic
  • 500 teams to choose from


  • Graphics are limited on Wii
  • Gameplay occasionally lacks responsiveness at times
  • Commentary is sometimes erratic
  • Online connection to the EA servers gets lost from time to time.


We give FIFA 11 a 7 out of 10. Soccer for the Nintendo Wii has never been this realistic and fun. Being able to play online is a major bonus. This would make a great addition to any soccer fan’s wishlist.

Universal Beer Opener, Doubles as a Remote
Universal Beer Opener, Doubles as a Remote
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