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COED’s Interview With Playboy’s Girls of the PAC-10


We recently featured non-nude pics of Playboy’s Girls of the PAC-10. We decided to get to know the ladies better, so we sent them a bunch of very tough questions. Their responses are below, but first, a little background on each girl:

Joi Hollie
University of Washington
Class of 2012
Major: Communications
Age: 20
Likes: The gym, Harry Potter, Twilight, Wedding Crashers, Ace Ventura, Gossip Girl, 90210, E-Smoov, AKON, Gucci Mane, Drake

Hayden Hayes
University of Washington
Class of 2011
Major: Communications

Michelle Wittenberg
Washington State University
Class of 2011
Major: Psychology
Age: 22
Height: 5’10”, Weight: 145 lbs.
Measurements: 34B-26-25

Rachel Lorraine
Major: Women’s Studies
Age: 21
Height: 5’5″, Weight: 110 lbs.
Measurements: 34D-24-34


Katie Carroll

Chrissa Carolyn
Major: Psychology / Broadcast Journalism
Age: 20

COED: When was your first kiss? Was it memorable?

Joi Hollie (Washington): It was in 4th grade…in a closet! Him and I are still friends today.

Michelle Wittenberg (Washington State): I was a late bloomer. I didn’t have my first kiss until I was almost 16. It was on the beach in front of my house, and it was really late so all you could hear were the waves crashing as they came in.

Rachel Lorraine (UCLA): In the 6th grade. It was very memorable and tasted good because we had been eating candy.

Chrissa Carolyn (ASU): When I was 14 at a church camp.

COED: Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?

Joi Hollie (Washington): Our P.E. teacher in middle school was the sexiest guy in the school! My best friends told him and he asked me about it in the middle of class in front of everyone – so embarrassing!

Michelle Wittenberg (Washington State): I have never had a crush on a teacher before, but I did have a crush on my high school’s assistant football coach.

Rachel Lorraine (UCLA): Yes, many substitute teachers in high school were so hot! Not so much in college.

Chrissa Carolyn (ASU): Yes, a substitute teacher in high school.

COED: Best place on campus to pick up chicks?

Hayden Hayes (Washington): Greek system, which is right across the street from campus.

Rachel Lorraine (UCLA): Hmm…maybe the cafeteria or gym.

Katie Carroll (UCLA): At sporting events or on sorority row!

COED: Best public place to hook up?

Joi Hollie (Washington): I’d say the football field or library… at least that’d be the coolest.

Hayden Hayes (Washington): The Greek pillars or the big water fountain on campus.

Rachel Lorraine (UCLA): Anywhere comfortable really!

Katie Carroll (UCLA): The sculpture garden at UCLA.

COED: Favorite pick-up line?

Joi Hollie (Washington): Nice shoes, wanna f***?? (come on really?!?!)

Hayden Hayes (Washington): One that a guy told me was I looked like an avatar. It was at a bar and the guy was pretty wasted.

Michelle Wittenberg (Washington State): Pick up lines are the worst! I think every time a guy has used one on me I just laugh.

Rachel Lorraine (UCLA): I’d like to get between your legs and eat my way straight to your heart.

Katie Carroll (UCLA): I hate pick-up lines, but I love when a man wants to walk me to my car.

COED: Craziest place you’ve ever hooked up?

Michelle Wittenberg (Washington State): A church…and now I think I need to go to church and repent it.

Rachel Lorraine (UCLA): A dressing room.

Katie Carroll (UCLA): Disneyland

Chrissa Carolyn (ASU): Library on campus.

COED:What type of guy are you into?

Joi Hollie (Washington): Tall guys! I’m really tall for a girl so I have to have a guy I can stand by in high heels.

Hayden Hayes (Washington): Guys who are comical and have great personalities become ten times hotter to me than a hot guy who is a jerk and way too into himself.

Michelle Wittenberg (Washington State): I love a guy that is athletic and down for anything. He can dress up and be professional and he can also throw on sweats and go for a run with me.

Katie Carroll (UCLA): Attractive, intelligent football player-types.

COED: Describe your favorite sexy outfit.

Hayden Hayes (Washington): A short, skin-tight skirt with a sparkly top and high heels pumps or booties.

Michelle Wittenberg (Washington State): I love wearing skinny jeans, pumps, and a cute top. It’s dressy but it’s still simple and cute. Whenever I wear heels is when I feel sexiest.

Rachel Lorraine (UCLA): Super tall high heels, a super tight corset and a lacy thong or my birthday suit…you choose!

Katie Carroll (UCLA): Naked!

COED: Favorite bra and why?

Joi Hollie (Washington): The very sexy push up bra from Victoria’s Secret in neon yellow. It’s so so comfortable and looks good enough to wear with no shirt on! All of my bras have to look sexy.

Hayden Hayes (Washington): The Victoria’s Secret incredible bra. I’m sad to say my boobs aren’t as big as I would like them to be, but with this bra it adds two cups sizes!

Michelle Wittenberg (Washington State): I love my Victoria’s Secret push up bra. It’s sexy and gives me amazing cleavage.

Katie Caroll (UCLA): Anything from Victoria’s Secret

Chrissa Carolyn (ASU): None…always the most comfortable.

COED: Which fraternity throws the best parties? Best party you’ve ever been to?

Joi Hollie (Washington): I’d say Pike’s Tik’s and Delts. Pike’s was my first frat party I ever went to and it was just dancing all around! Haha…hot sweaty bodies touching.

Hayden Hayes (Washington): Alpha Sigma Phi throws some pretty crackin’ parties. The best one was their “get tanked” party where everyone dresses up in military clothing, head to toe military decorations in their house, big American flag hanging outside, green camouflage everywhere.

Katie Carroll (UCLA): I like Sig Ep! Best party I’ve ever been to is Hef’s Midsummer Night’s Dream party!

COED: Could you provide us with a sneak peek of your ultimate fantasy?

Hayden Hayes (Washington): There would be a lot of mirrors.

Michelle Wittenberg (Washington State): I love the beach! I think getting a little crazy on a private beach with drinks and waves crashing would be so sexy!

Rachel Lorraine (UCLA): I come from work and my whole place is filled with candles and flowers and chocolate and sex toys and we get naughty.

Chrissa Carolyn (ASU): Sex in the rain.

COED: What is your favorite drinking game?

Joi Hollie (Washington): Kings is always fun if you’re with outgoing people.

Hayden Hayes (Washington): I don’t have a definite favorite, but beer pong is one of my top favorites.

Michelle Wittenberg (Washington State): I like playing f*ck the dealer. I have really good luck with that game.

Rachel Lorraine (UCLA): Strip poker.

Chrissa Carolyn (ASU): Flip cup.

COED: Tell us your best tailgating / post-game party story.

Joi Hollie (Washington): When UW beat USC last year and we rushed the field!! Then there was a HUGE party after which was so packed you couldn’t walk around. The cops came, though…lame!

Hayden Hayes (Washington): My friends and I were yelling at all the USC fans to go home and just having a blast picking on the fans.

Michelle Wittenberg (Washington State): Sadly, I have never tailgated! I have always danced during football seasons on the dance team, so I have never had the chance to experience any great tailgating or post-game parties.

Rachel Lorraine (UCLA): I got too crazy to go into the game…but I played my own game with a football player after it!

Katie Carroll (UCLA): I can’t remember it. ;)

Chrissa Carolyn (ASU): When I went tailgating straight from a pool party and forgot clothes. I was the only one in a tiny bikini!  After the game, we went to a fraternity and I got a lot of attention…I don’t know if that was a good thing though. LOL!

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