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Food That You Need to Survive When You’re Broke


So you’ve finally moved away from dorm life and have decided to reside in either in an apartment or off campus housing? Yet the newly gain independence of not having to abide by University rules or reporting to RAs might be great but what do you do since you no longer have a dinning hall in walking distance, or worst, no meal plan at all? Here is a list of food items, besides ramen, that is affordable and will bring variety to your meals.


Yes bread but only mold free. It’s cheap and healthy for you (if you get any kind besides white). Bread is a staple for sandwiches and for toast. Granted this seems like common sense, you’d be surprise how many people don’t know how to make a proper sandwich. Also, if you want to class it up for breakfast or dessert you can make French Toast.


Not only will you need these for your French Toast but you’ll need these for your protein intake. Eggs are cheap and easy to cook. Frying pan or microwave and easy clean up. Also if you have any other edible scrapes of food laying around you can mix it in with the eggs.


A sack of potatoes cost no more than five bucks. From this sack you can make French Fries, potato wedges, hash browns, mashed potatoes and anything your heart desires. If you want to get even more created, you can make an attempt to distill vodka.

Onions and Peppers

You’re probably unsure why onions would be on this list, but having a mom as a chef and seeing what she did with onions can really make a dish. Sauteed onions (or frying onions in a pan with seasoning) can be added to sandwiches, eggs, potatoes or anything really. The same applies to peppers. If you’re lazy, you can just make a salad.


Less than a $1 a box, just plop these shells in boiling water, drain and enjoy with sauce. Get some shredded cheese to sprinkle on or layer for baked ziti.

These are just a few items that can be bought at a cheap price, give you tons of cooking options and make you seem like a professional chef. Now all you need to do is just graduate.

COED Writer