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10 Biggest Potheads in Baseball


Back in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s the field might as well have been lined with cocaine rather than chalk with the number of players that were in to the nose candy back then. During the 90s and the 2000s its been steroids. Yet, there is another drug that has been a player favorite for years. I’m talking about marijuana folks. Players liked it so much that they even made sure it was not included in the list of drugs they would be tested for back in 2002. Find out which of your favorite players are also huge stoners.

1. Tim Lincecum

When you win two CY Young Awards in a row you have to expect people to be looking for you to screw up. Speeding would have barely made a blip on the media’s radar. Police could smell the pot when they approached his car and Lincecum handed it right over on request.


2. 2002 Mets

These guys did not win a whole lot that year and according to reports they were likely not too worried about it. Apparently a vast number of players on the team would smoke up before games — sure must have made it difficult to hit those 95 mph fast balls.


3. Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington

In 2009 Washington failed a drug test for cocaine use. He would later admit to being an avid marijuana and amphetamine user during his playing days. He must have figured that since he didn’t get fired for doing coke he might as well spill his guts—makes for more interesting headlines.


4. Geovany Soto

Apparently he did not get the memo after Freddy Garcia got busted prior to the 2006 World Baseball Classic. Prior to the 2009 WBC it was Geovany Soto’s turn; at least that explains why his production dropped off that season.


5. Paul Molitor

When you’re nicknamed Molly the Ignitor it could either be because you tend to ignite the team to victory or because you tend to light something else up and act like a little girl afterwards.


6. Bill “Spaceman” Lee

Back in the 1970’s with most of baseball into the white stuff or ‘greenies’ (methamphetamines) Spaceman was into something else. Not only did he enjoy smoking it, but he even admitted to adding it to his pancakes.  In 1973 he did pretty well too; he ended up going 17-11 with a 2.75 ERA and made the All-Star team. The next year he led the league in hits allowed,  just trying to spread the love, right Spaceman?


7. Dmitri Young

The former major leaguer was caught in possession while going through an Illinois Airport recently. Feeling the need to come clean, he told reporters that he has been in pain and having trouble dealing with his mother’s death recently. Since he has been in rehab before he did not want to do other drugs so his doctors supposedly told him to smoke pot. Right.


8. Jeremy Giambi

Maybe he was jealous of his brother, maybe he was a little over-confident in his celebrity, but back in 2001 the other Giambi was busted with marijuana at a Las Vegas Airport. Like his brother, he eventually admitted to doing steroids as well.


9. Jeff Weaver

The current LA Dodger pitcher started his baseball career with the Tigers and was the opening day starter for the team back in 2001 and 2002. Supposedly there was a few times where the young pitcher would step out of the bathroom on the team plane followed by a cloud of funky smelling smoke.


10. Orlando Cepeda

The Hall of Famer and community representative for the San Francisco Giants was busted in possession of marijuana and other drugs in a traffic stop back in 2007. Like Lincecum, the officer could smell marijuana when approaching the car. Maybe if he had talked to Tim Lincecum back then history could have avoided repeating itself a couple of years later.

COED Writer