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WTF Is a Chiddy Bang?


Honestly I’ve never even heard of Chiddy Bang but apparently they bailed on BarstoolSport’s Stoolapalooza concert in Providence the other night. Not only did they diss El Prez and the crowd at Lupo’s but their management acted like douchebags (check out their emails with El Prez). Barstool Nation is calling for the boycott of Chiddy Bang and we’re right there with them. The comment board in Barstool is burnign up so we’ve decided to post our favorites…

This is what happens when these mental midgets let donkeys be their agents/managers. This how MC Hammer went bankrupt you fuckheads. Put down the blunts and act professional.
– Sludgeface

this is what happens when you book F list artists
-Scott Zolak

Sounds really infuriating. Chiddy Bang boycott starts now. They could of just let go and understood the circumstances that they were unreliable. Attacking you on twitter was over the edge.
– mastahblastahP

If I was El Pres I wouldn’t rest until I punched the manager in the face.
– georgeadams

Prez,  put these punks on blast all day long.  in fact, all month long.  Chiddy Bang is a mediocre talent with piss poor management.  In fact, i will say that Brett favre’s small cock is more impressive than Chiddy Bang…..
– MrWinky

* We jacked the title of this article from a comment by Photo Finish. What can I say, this guy is a creative SoB.

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