Douche-Off Week 2 Courtesy of “Douchebag” The Movie

Last week, COED’s pick, freshman Rutgers student Dharun Ravi got more than 60% of the total votes for douchiest douche with Forehead Tattoo Guy in second and Cowboys WR Roy Williams in last. Gilbert Gottfried wasn’t included because he would’ve blown up our poll. This week was tough for COED. We knew who Bleacher Report would select. Douchebag Maneuvers never fails with a solid pick. And Campus Socialite is climbin’ in your windows, snatchin’ your douches up. We wanted to go with douchebaguette Karen Owen, but, upon further review, we’ve all done the same thing – just not in PPT (excellent presentation, btw). So, who did we pick? Read on THEN VOTE, DOUCHES!

After much consternation, we at COED select… Fox 5 news reporter Charles Leaf, who was arrested for sexually abusing a 4 year old girl and is being held in a New Jersey jail on $250,000 bail with multiple charges against him. The ex-Marine is married with 2 kids. Hide ya wife, hide ya kids!

Bleacher Report indeed went with the grizzled gunslinger Brett Favre, who should really get a lifetime douche achievement award for his Ross Perot / John Kerry flip flopping and hokey good ol’ boy attitude. So, why THIS week? You’ll have to find out for yourself at Bleacher Report.

Douchebag Maneuvers is going with rep. Alan Grayson, who just can’t stop digging his own hole.

Campus Socialite’s pick is a good’un. Bolivian President Evo Morales. He puts the ‘bag’ in douchebag. Or rather he knees the bag? You’ll see, just click.

Vote for the douchiest douche in our poll below then check back next week for another Douche-Off.

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