22 Freakin-Hot Girls With Freckles

If you’ve been alive since the Parent Trap remake and you hear “freckled celebrity,”  your mind immediately jumps to Lindsay Lohan; however, she’s old news,  having sported the same orange jumpsuit four times (a fashion faux pas of the highest offense) as she rocks out in prison.  We’ve ripped the crown of “Most Sexily Freckled” from her over-processed head and are now searching for worthy contenders.  Check out these ladies in their freckled glory (x-ray vision may be required to see freckles below the many layers of makeup and Photoshop):

Amit Freidman

Alexis Bledel

Gisele Bundchen

Olivia Munn

Sienna Miller

Pania Rose

Lindsay Lohan

Amy Smart

Faye Reagan

Danielle Gamba

Emma Watson

Evangeline Lilly

Cintia Dicker

Karen Gillan

Bar Refaeli

Lucy Liu

Julianne Moore

Lily Cole

Mischa Barton

Rachel Bilson

Kate Moss

Emma Stone

Megan Fox

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