The 9 Most Bizarre Halloween Treats

Growing up as a kid, we used to get candy like Fun Size Snickers and Blow Pops.  Once in a while, you’d come across a house that gave you an apple or maybe toothpaste and you’d respectfully respond by egging and TP’ing their house. Then, there are are houses that you never ever speak of or return to. They most likely hand out stuff like this…

Tower of Sour Liquid Candy Urine Sample

These look so authentic you can win $10 from your drunk buddy that you’ll drink your own pee – Just pop the top and start chugging. Drop this in a six-year-olds bag and listen for screaming before he’s off your lawn.

Candy Ball Gag

I do not recommend you giving this to a kid, but your girlfriend is another story. Pop this little cherry flavored ball in her mouth and your night may be frightfully fantastic.

Camel Balls

Eating these is as close as you’ll get to being Bear Grylls.

Choa Ca-Ca

Nothing says Happy Halloween like a diaper full of… well, you get the picture.

Fear Factor Candy

Scare the kids with these realistic looking, vomit inducing candies. From Slimy Gummy Octopus to Test Tubes of Acid it’s all batty!

Poo Poo Panda

Little kids will laugh until this little toy stops crapping in their hands.

Penis Gummies For Her or Gummy Boobs For Him

Who doesn’t love a little erotic candy at the party with the hottest girls?

Sex Rocks

They’re Pop Rocks for when she’s going downtown. Bizarre and awesome in the same mouthful.

Candy Nipple Tassels

I guarantee whoever wears this on Halloween night will be the life of the party.

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