Tampa Bay Bucs Cheerleader: The Sexiest Halloween Costume [PICS]

I’m so bored with typical been-there done-that sexy Halloween costumes. Naughty nurse..ehhh. French maid…where’s the originality? We recently released our list of Top 5 Sexiest NFL Squads and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders were number one. With Halloween right around the corner it got me thinking, has anyone ever been a Buccs cheerleader for Halloween? Sure your girl would have to have a rippin’ cheerleaderesque body and the savvy to design the costume herself because they aren’t available online but if the stars aligned and everything came together it really would be the sexiest Halloween costume of all-time.

Note: if you have ever seen a girl dressed up as a Buccs cheerleader and snapped a pic send it to us!! tips@teamcoed.com.

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