MLB Teams With The Longest Playoff Droughts

With the MLB postseason kicking off Wednesday, two teams, the Rangers and the Reds, navigate fairly new territory. Both teams haven’t been in the postseason discussion for quite a while. The last time the Reds made the playoffs was 16 years ago. They haven’t made it to the World Series since 1990 when they beat the A’s. Before that? Try the mid-70s. The Rangers, well, man they have a whole section on Wikipedia dedicated to their playoff futility:

  • 1 of 3 current MLB franchises which have yet to appear in the World Series (the others are the Seattle Mariners and the Washington Nationals)
  • Oldest active MLB franchise yet to appear in World Series
  • Oldest franchise of the 4 major American pro sports leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL) to have never appeared in the league’s championship, as well as the only Dallas-Fort Worth area team yet to do so
  • Only current MLB franchise which has yet to win a playoff series
  • In their history the Rangers have won only one playoff game and it was on the road


Here’s our assessment of each team’s chances in this year’s Playoffs along with a rundown of the other MLB teams with the longest current playoff droughts:

Texas Rangers

After flirting with success last season only to get bested in the end, the Rangers dominated the AL West this year, easily beating the Oakland A’s and L.A. Angels of Anaheim. This just in, apparently, the Seattle Mariners also played in that division.

The Rangers must be thanking their lucky lonestars to have a different opponent in the opening round than in previous years, having only played the Yankees in postseason action (1996, 1998 and 1999). Twice they were swept and only once did they even win a game.

Texas will surprise the nation with a five game series victory over the favored Rays. New York, on the other hand, will have an easy time with the Twins, and will be well rested when the Rangers come to town. Texas will put up a good fight, but, in the end, they’ll be watching the World Series from home for a 50th season.

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Cincinnati Reds

The Reds had a shot to make it to the postseason in 1999, but lost to the New York Mets in a one-game playoff.  For the entire 2010 season they battled with the St. Louis Cardinals, but came on strong down the stretch to win the NL Central.

Going forward the Reds may have the toughest road in the post season having to play the National League representative of the last two World Series. The veteran loaded Phillies should enjoy an easy sweep of the Reds.

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And, now, the top 5 MLB franchises with the longest current postseason drought:

Team/Franchise – # of seasons since last appearance:

  1. Washington Nationals / Montreal Expos – 29
  2. Kansas City Royals – 25
  3. Pittsburgh Pirates – 18
  4. Toronto Blue Jays – 17
  5. Baltimore Orioles – 13

The Reds went 15 seasons before making this year’s playoffs.
The Rangers went 11 seasons before making this year’s playoffs.

Here’s rooting for the Royals and Nats next year!

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