Best Tasting Bargain Brews

Everyone’s searching for the ideal brew with just enough taste and the right amount of alcohol for a price that won’t leave your wallet screaming for mercy. Sure, sometimes it’s nice to splurge on a high end $10 bottle, but unless you’re living off a trust fund, no college kid can handle this type of extracurricular spending on a regular basis. Check out some of these frugal, yet delicious beers for your next evening of beer drinking and partying.

Yuengling Traditional Lager

It’s easy to find, easy to drink, and most of all, easy to pay for. It’s pretty tough to beat the value on Pennsylvania’s oldest brewery, especially when it usually rings up for slightly less than $20 per case. Available in bottles and cans, this is great for barbecues, tailgates, parties, and just about anything else in between. When in Pennsylvania, just say “lager” and you’ll get a Yuengling. That’s baller.

Dos Equis Amber Lager

Resist the urge to spend the high prices on Corona and pick up a sixer of this instead. Not only is this cheaper, but it stays far away from the overly familiar skunkiness, which so many people seem to ignore about other particular Mexican beers. There are multiple varieties from Dos Equis, but the Amber version seems to hold the best body and flavor of the group.

Molson Canadian Lager

Even though this is a fairly run of the mill Canadian beer, Molson isn’t a terrible choice at all while bargain hunting. These are super crisp and clean, and the drinkability factor is nearly impossible to beat without resorting to watery light beers.

Dundee Original Honey Brown Lager

While still lingering around the mainstream, Honey Brown is a decent mid-level beer with an interesting spark of flavor, which sets it apart from many of their contemporaries. It’s definitely more honey than brown, but the lighter malt and hop flavors help to lay a pretty tasty foundation.

Long Trail India Pale Ale (“IPA”)

One of the flagship beers from Vermont’s Long Trail Brewery is a superb “bang-for-your-buck” drink, combining excellent flavor with some herbal and bready tendencies. These strike a great balance between the upper end, super expensive breweries, and the watered down macro giants such as Miller or Coors.

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