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The 5 Biggest NCAA Football Upsets



College football season is in full swing. And each Saturday seems to get better than the next. But what we need this year is a good, ol’ fashioned upset. The kind of upset that makes you spill your beer and crap your pants, all at the same time. The kind of upset that sends you into such a deep depression, you think of offing yourself by suffocating on Astroturf. But until that happens, let’s check out the 5 Biggest NCAA Football Upsets of all-time.



5. Oregon State vs Washington

October 19, 1985

During the 1985 season, Washington was on a roll and Oregon…wasn’t. Coming into the game, Washington was giving up 37 points to the Beavers. Throughout the game, Washington showed that they were never going to cover the spread only to see themselves go down with a blocked punt returned for a touchdown and Oregon upset the Huskies 21-20.




4. Temple vs Virginia Tech

October 18, 1998

In 1998, Virginia Tech was ranked #5 while Temple was completely winless going into the game. Virginia Tech went on to lose that game 28-24, and plummeted in the rankings as they were defeated by one of the worst teams in division I-A.



3. North Carolina State vs Florida State

September 12, 1998

Florida State was unbelievably good in the 90s – and 1998 was no exception. Going into the North Carolina State game, FSU had beaten the Wolfpack by a margin of at least 34 points in three consecutive games. Picking off star FSU quarterback Chris Weinke six times, NC State went on to win 24-7.



2. Stanford vs USC

October 6, 2007

Coming into the game, USC was 3-0 and ranked number 1 in the country while unranked Standford was completely winless. The experts with the fancy calculators claimed that USC was a 41-point favorite to win. Stanford not only beat the massive spread but also beat the top dog in the NCAA as they overcame the largest points spread in history to win 24-23.



1. Appalachian State vs Michigan

September 1, 2007

It is only appropriate that USC lost the way they did because the 2007 season began with a bang as #5 ranked Michigan Wolverines were defeated by Appalachian State…a Division I-AA school. This not only destroyed Michigan’s season but was the first time in history at a Division I-AA team defeated a ranked school.


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