Mark Zuckerberg Is a “Punk” “Genius” “Billionaire” In “The Social Network”

We’ve all seen the billboards. The words “Punk”, “Genius”, “Billionaire” spread across the face that lies beneath it. That face, of course, is supposed to be Mark Zuckerberg, the face of the Facebook. The question that comes to mind when passing those billboards is, “Can this movie match the networking behemoth it’s based on?” With all the great reviews coming in, the likely answer is, “Yes.”

When I first joined Facebook, it was best known as a more secure networking site than MySpace. It was a place for college students to stay connected and help each other out with assignments. Back then the “networks” were colleges. Little did I know that in just a few years it would completely take over the social networking scene, leaving MySpace in the dust. Poor Tom. MySpace even features ads for the movie based on its main competitor! Now, it gets the Hollywood treatment. Where’s MySpace’s movie? Is Twitter’s on the horizon?

The Social Network stars Adventureland / Zombieland lad Jesse Eisenberg, the new Spider-Man Andrew Garfield, and Justin Timberlake who plays Sean Parker, one of the creators of Napster, who befriends Zuckerberg in the early stages of the film, but later turns out to be an asshole. I guess we should all start taking Timberlake’s acting skills seriously?

AP Photo/Columbia Pictures, Merrick Morton

The same can also be said for Rashida Jones, better known for her stint as Jim’s love interest on The Office and Paul Rudd’s bride-to-be in I Love You, Man, but in Network she steps out of her comedic comfort zone to show off her dramatic chops.

The critics all agree, this movie is special, one that sums up our generation and love for all things web. From the New York Times to Rolling Stone Magazine, everyone is shouting Oscar. Todd McCarthy of sums it up best when he wrote, “David Fincher can make five more masterpieces, Aaron Sorkin can win an Oscar, Tony and 20 more Emmys; Timberlake, Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Armie Hammer and Mara Rooney can all be big stars for the next half-century, but it will rarely be as sweet as this.”

The film benefits from its co-conspirators, David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin, two people who know how to do their jobs and do it very well. Fincher’s directed Se7en, Fight Club, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Aaron Sorkin’s the man behind the West Wing and he wrote the screenplays for the The American President and A Few Good Men.

The great reviews could end up setting the audience up for a letdown; the expectations for Network are so great, it’d be almost impossible not to disappoint someone. Maybe that someone will be Mark Zuckerberg? Chances are you’ll “poke” this flick for many years to come.

Speaking of Facebook, you should “like” COED! Don’t worry, we won’t set status to “In a Relationship”. We’ll take it slow.

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