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The Five Most Liked and Five Least Liked Athletes


Pro athletes can make big bucks from on the field performance, but the bigger bucks come from off the field endorsements. However, advertisers won’t just throw their money at any endorser, they need to be assured the spokesperson will be loved by the fans and elicit a favorable response.

That’s where “the Q scores” come in handy. It’s basically a formula that measures one’s familiarity and appeal (aka popularity), thus determining their effectiveness as an endorser or spokesperson.

Here are the five most liked and five least liked athletes according to Q scores:

Best Liked

5. Joe Montana

I must admit to being a little surprised that Joe was ranked so high. He retired years ago, he has not been on Dancing with the Stars or any other reality show, and has really been out of the public eye. He was won of the best to ever play the game though, and apparently there are enough people that still remember that. I guess that explains why he’s been selling those Sketcher Step Up shoes lately.

4. Steve Nash

Steve Nash is one of the best guards to ever play the game. The man is exciting to watch and ranks as one of the top guards in fantasy drafts every year. However, much like Joe he is not seen very much out side of his sport. Maybe when the news breaks of how well liked the Phoenix Sun is the endorsements will start coming in. If they don’t he should fire his agent.

3. Peyton Manning

It is actually surprising that this guy is not #1 or #2, but then again the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts is not loved by all. Chances are pretty good that anyone in Houston, Nashville, and Jacksonville probably does not care for him much, not to mention fans of the New England Patriots. There are more than enough people that do love a winner regardless of who he plays for. I think the number of different commercials that he is in is proof of that.

2. Apolo Anton Ohno

I don’t get this one at all. It’s been sometime since he skated in the Olympics. It’s been awhile since he was on Dancing with the Stars either. I can recall seeing him in a few commercials, but could not tell you what the last one was. This one makes me wonder about the validity of this score somewhat.

1. Michael Jordan

It is no real surprise that His Airness is the most well liked sports personality. It does not matter that he has not played in years. Jordan is the gold standard that every new player is measured up against. If he is successful in taking the Charlotte Bobcats and turning them into a winner his status will become even more legendary. I will admit to buying Hanes underwear because of him.

Worst Liked

5. Kobe Bryant

It will never matter how many championships he wins or who he wins them with. Kobe is one of the best on the court; that is without question. However, he will never recover from the damage of rape allegations and infidelity. There are probable still some fans that are still upset that his tiff with Shaq could not have been settled so that the duo could have won a few more championships first.

4. Chad Ochocinco

He talks too much. His celebrations have turned a little on the dull side. He has not been a dominant player in some time yet he talks like he’s the best. To top it off, his name is just plain stupid (love the VH1 show though).

3. Terrell Owens

This guy is a cancer to himself. He actually thought that he could counter all the bad press he was getting over his attitude issues by saying it was not true even though there were numerous teams that said it was (and they did not want him because of it). But no, everyone loves TO, except the media. It’s all their fault (sarcasm completed intended). Yea, I’m sure they forced you to bad mouth your teammates (does not matter if its true, you don’t do that publicly), do sit-ups in your driveway, and act like a total egomaniac on a reality show. The only thing this guy will ever endorse is himself.

2. Tiger Woods

When you mess around on your wife with one person that is bad. When you do it with a small busload of women it is bad on an epic scale made even worse since his wife was smoking hot.

1. Michael Vick

He actually seems to have become a better player after going to federal prison for his part in an illegal dog fighting operation. That does not chance the fact that what he did was despicable. For me his reality show made it even worse since he and his family seemed more distraught that he was caught, not over the unspeakable acts that he committed on another living creature. It’s a shame that the NFL was able to so easily overlook what he did and let him back in the league.

• It is also interesting to note that Lebron James went from having the best score that the company that compiles this list has ever seen to the #6 spot on the disliked list following his move to Miami.

  • COED Writer