The 20 Sexiest Women of Fall TV 2010

September is an exciting month for TV; it’s like when pitchers and catchers report for baseball and when football squads reunite for mini-camps in late spring, early summer. There’s an air of renewed enthusiasm and vitality, of promise and potential. Like many rookies and undrafted free agents, most new shows on the fall schedule will get “cut”. We at COED hope the shows which the following list of fine Fall TV foxes appear on aren’t on the chopping block. If they are, well, at least we always had these photo galleries, right?

Lyndsy Fonseca – Nikita (CW)

Lyndsy first got her start on the Young and the Restless before appearing on CBS’s How I Met Your Mother and HBO’s Big Love. Her film credits include Katie in Kick-Ass and John Cusack’s 1986 gorgeous girlfriend in Hot Tub Time Machine. In Nikita, she plays a new recruit. Maxim featured her on their hot 100 this year and we fully expect her to make that list for years to come. Her and Adrianne Palicki might be separated at birth.

Grace Park – Hawaii Five-O (CBS)

Best known for her role as a Cylon on Battlestar Galactica, hardcore COED readers might know her as a Miss COED. She also made Maxim’s Hot 100 list in 2005 and 2006 in addition to doing a ridiculously hot photo shoot with Tricia Helfer. Let’s hope her appearances on the Hawaii Five-O remake are just as out of this world.

Olivia Wilde – House (FOX)

She’s one of 36 TV characters we’d hook up with and will appear in one of 8 films that will save 2010 from being the worst movie year ever. Her busy film schedule means she won’t appear in most episodes this year, so make sure you have your TiVos and DVRs on their toes; you don’t want to miss her weird, out of place, 2 second cameos.

Annalynne McCord – 90210 (CW)

One of the hotter, if not hottest, babes on 90210, Annalynne has no qualms about showing off her celebrity beach butt. She has a habit of attempting the UNTHINKABLE – the “Alba Ass” pose. But, we’ll let it slide… over and over and over again. GOO!

Blake Lively – Gossip Girl (CW)

Also on our list of 36 TV characters you want to hook up with, Blake initially caught our hearts in 2006’s Accepted playing opposite the ageless Justin Long (aka the Mac Guy / Dodgeball punching bag). She’s been the subject of a Terry Richardson photo shoot (which always come out lookin’ sexy as hell) and was named 2009’s Hottest Babe by HollywoodTuna. Is she the coolest of the hotties? Could be.

Sofia Vergara – Modern Family (ABC)

If you’re still upright after looking at the pic above, congratulations, you’re one tough son of a bitch. Us? We’ve already OD’d on Sofia. Some guys just can’t handle Vergara. She wowed us in 2009 and every sign points to another eye-opening, jaw-dropping job well done in 2010 and beyond.

Aly Michalka – Hellcats (CW)

Unfamiliar with the name? She broke onto the scene in 2004 on the Disney Channel and is one-half of 78violet, a band she performs in with her sister. She’s also in Easy A starring Emma Stone, and will appear in The Roommate starring Tracy Morgan set to release next year. Will she end up a train-wreck like other Disney products? Let’s hope not. Nude pics, however, are still welcome.

Ana de la Reguera – Eastbound and Down (HBO)

This Mexican actress played a nun in 2005’s Nacho Libre starring Jack Black and also starred in this year’s “Cop Out” opposite Tracy Morgan, Bruce Willis, and Seann William Scott. Tracy Morgan’s a lucky dude, man. Anyway, she’s tabbed to star in next year’s highly anticipated sci-fi western flick Cowboys & Aliens alongside fellow Fall TV fox, Olivia Wilde (see above).

Jaime King – My Generation (ABC)

Nebraska born model-turned-actress Jaime King is “The Beauty Queen” on My Generation. You might remember her from Sin City playing both Goldie and Wendy, the twin pro hoes (“prostitutes”) who fought and fornicated with main character Marv who was played by Mickey Rourke. Anyone who can love a face like that will surely give us a shot. For that, we hail her!

Rebecca Hazlewood – Outsourced (NBC)

British import Rebecca had guest stints on NBC’s ER and ABC’s Lost before landing the role of Asha on Outsourced. Her character appears to be into head manager, Todd, let’s hope he doesn’t pull a Ross move from Friends and instead hooks up with her early and often.

Nina Dobrev – Vampire Diaries (CW)

Yeah, we know, vampires suck. We wrote about them sucking a while back and 20th Century Fox helped confirm this claim with a spoof movie of the same name. We wouldn’t mind if this vampire lover sucked. She also had a role in Chloe, the movie starring Amanda Seyfried as a whore who seduces both Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson’s characters. Hopefully, Nina played her understudy? There have been reports she hurt her back while filming the show. Is this like when models sprain their cervix?

Sarah Roemer – The Event (NBC)

Sarah’s probably best known for playing Ashley in Disturbia. How Shia LaBeouf keeps landing these roles opposite absolute five alarm infernos is beyond me. On The Event, she plays Leila Buchanan, the main character’s girlfriend who mysteriously disappears and becomes part of the biggest cover up in US history.

Adrianne Palicki – Lone Star (FOX)

Another Miss COED who also happened to be on our list of characters we want to hook up with. Adrianne’s is just as sexy when she pouts and cries as she is when she’s bubbling over with joy. Sucks her character’s being straight up conned in FOX’s new show “Lone Star”. The Friday Night Lights star caught our eye in her photo shoot for Complex Magazine and we haven’t looked away since. Honest!

Autumn Reeser – No Ordinary Family (ABC)

Entourage / The OC alum Autumn Reeser was most recently featured in our gallery of the Hottest Autumns or “Hotumns” but also has a number of film credits to her name like Smokin’ Aces 2 and The Girl Next Door. She now plays Katie Andrews on ABC’s No Ordinary Family.

Daniella Alonso – My Generation (ABC)

The former Ford Model is one of the 32 hotties of Friday Night Lights , was on Maxim’s Hot 100 list in 2006, and has appeared on a couple CSIs, Law & Orders, One Tree Hill, and Without a Trace.  On My Generation, she plays “The Brain.” We’d like to know if she “gives brain”. Talk nerdy to me!

Maggie Q – Nakita (CW)

Another former fashion model who made the transition to acting, Maggie Q has appeared in Rush Hour 2, Mission Impossible III, and Live Free or Die Hard before landing the lead role in Nikita, which is based on the French original, US remake, and subsequent TV series that focused on a spy/assassin who’s gone rogue. Rogue chicks are typically DTF, so expect a little more than lip lock on the show.

Gabrielle Anwar – Burn Notice (USA)

We featured her as one TV’s toughest chicks . We hear she can take a licking and that gets us all kinds of fired up.

Jessica Lowndes – 90210 (CW)

Jessica Lowndes is no stranger to COED, as a babe of 90210 , she has us thinking about a change of zip code.

Erica Durance – Smallville (CW)

We paid tribute to the Canadian actress who played Smallville’s Lois Lane with a superheroic gallery of bikini pics. Her film credits include House of the Dead and The Butterfly Effect 2. We get butterflies every time she worries about hitting her deadlines. She makes the Man of Steel stutter. That’s one power we know a way around (hint: making out).

Taylor Cole – The Event (NBC)

As a former model and Junior Olympics volleyball star, Taylor Quinn Cole was more successful by the age of 18 than most people are in a lifetime.  Taylor landed her first role on the series Summerland in 2004 while visiting her mother and step-father in Los Angeles and has been working non-stop ever since.

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