The Buried Life Get’s Locked Up on Season 2 Premiere Tonight!

Busted! Dave getting taken off the field in cuffs.

Our bros from MTV’s The Buried Life debut their second season of adventures tonight! Last year you saw them crash the Playboy Mansion and ask Megan Fox out on a date, they even played a game of basketball with President Obama! Tonight the guys will take a crack at #50, Streak a Stadium and Get Away.  Ben told me, “It’s the most epic thing we’ve ever done.. we streaked an MLS Game in Kansas City in front of 10,000 people. The goal was to streak with a plan to get one of us away.  It ended up being mayhem.” The plan unraveled and Ben says, “We all streaked, Dave got caught (as u can see in photo), some of us spent the night in jail.” Check out this preview of tonight’s episode and tune-in at 10:30pm on MTV!

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