Get High Education At Cannabis Business University

Weed’s made some serious strides towards legalization over the past couple years. So serious in fact that institutions of HIGHer learning have cropped up. Take, Cannabis Business University or “Cannabiz U” for example – their mission statement is below:

“Cannabis Business University is dedicated to providing a first class education to the medical marijuana community through an innovative online curriculum. Cannabis Business University fosters entrepreneurial growth by helping students obtain the knowledge, skills and support necessary to succeed in the Cannabis, Medicinal Marijuana, and Hemp markets.”

The school offers networking events, non-smokable merchandise, seminars, and the following courses:

  1. History of Cannabis, Hemp, Marijuana
  2. Politics & The Law
  3. Medicinal Use of Medical Marijuana
  4. Find your Career in the Medical Marijuana Industry
  5. Agriculture and Cultivation
  6. Opening a Dispensary / Collective / Delivery Service
  7. Trademarking your Names and Strains
  8. Emerging Industries

And, they just launched the first ever medical marijuana educational seminar in Hawaii, which happens to be the fourth highest pot-producing state but also is known for having one of the shorter life expectancies in the nation. My guess is ganja has major health benefits?

This isn’t the first weed school. You also have Hempgard University, Oaksterdam University, and Cannabis University of Colorado to name a few. What can you do with a … “degree” from these places? I believe you can open up your own dispensary. With Obama’s recent relaxation on raids and many states putting legalization up for vote, maybe enrolling isn’t such a bad move? Puff, puff, give it some thought and maybe I’ll see ya at the reunion!

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