Don’t Be an Idiot and Dig Up the Past

You’re on the way back from a first date. You look over at her, smile and fill in the conversation lull by opening your mouth. The words that come out sound a lot like “ex-girlfriend” and “bad breakup.” Have you smacked yourself in the head with an anvil yet? Never, EVER bring these words up. Especially not to a potential girlfriend, and especially not on a first date.

But if this isn’t a cautionary tale and the damage has already been done, you can get your manhood back. You might even be able to get a second date. How?

Never dig up your past.

If she was interested enough in you to go on that first date, talk about her or yourself, never anyone else. Talking about other girls or failed relationships will only cause pain and anguish – probably yours when you’re driving back to your dorm alone.

By talking about the ex, you put the idea in her head that you are a loser, dumped by some other girl. Girls’ over-analyzing everything are no myth. So when she starts thinking, she’s going to think about how much you’ve turned her off. The over-analyzing may not stop until she finds a new guy who will not mentioned his ex-girlfriend on the first date.

If she ignores you after this, only to suddenly come back in a couple of months after a few failed dates with these other guys, don’t take her back for two reasons. One, you screwed up the first time and who knows what will come out of your mouth again. And, two, if she left you once, she probably only came back to use you this time. Harsh.

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