Robinson Cano And 5 Of The Best That Baseball Has To Offer

With the baseball season about 75 percent done it is about time to start considering who to lavish with awards at the end of the season. This year there is an exceptional group of players that are deserving of the honor in both the American and National Leagues.

Albert Pujols, first baseman, St. Louis Cardinals (National League)

Is there really any surprise that this guy would be up for it again? When you have the chance to win the elusive Triple Crown you should be in the running of MVP. So far (through the end of games on Sunday, August 22), he leads the National League in RBIs (89) and home runs (32), but sits seven points behind Cincinnati Reds first base man in batting average (.316).

Joey Votto, first baseman, Cincinnati Reds, (National League)

Votto may have a slight leg up in the award even though his stats are not as impressive as Pujols at the moment. Voters may want to let someone else win and when there is a guy that, like Pujols, has an excellent chance of winning the Triple Crown that also happens to be leading his team to its best season and potentially first division title since 1995. Consequently, the last time the Reds won the NL Central was also the last time one of their players won the NL MVP, short stop Barry Larkin.

Miguel Cabrera, first baseman, Detroit Tigers (American League)

Miggy has a shot if he can do the improbable and win the Triple Crown in the AL. After 122 games he leads in RBIs with 101, second in batting average (.340), and third in home runs (31). He will have a tough time doing that though with Jose Bautista cranking out home runs like most guys do singles and Josh Hamilton hitting everything in sight. His performance has been incredible, but it will be overshadowed by what the other two guys in the AL have done for their division leading teams.

Josh Hamilton, outfield, Texas Rangers (American League)

You have to love this guy for the road he travelled just to get there; most of us would just be glad to be alive after defeating the demons that Josh Hamilton has. Instead of giving up he has blasted his way to the top of the baseball food chain with the highest batting average in the league at .356 (through Sunday, August 22), 27 homeruns, and 82 RBIs. If Texas wins the AL West like it should, Hamilton will win this award.

Robinson Cano, second base, New York Yankees (American League)

In a season that has seen the Bronx Bombers have to deal with an injury or two, the rock of the lineup has been Robinson Cano. Second basemen are generally some of the weaker batters in the lineup with most teams opting to have a more defense capable player. Cano is one of those that happen to be a stud behind the plate with his bat and with his glove. So far he is on track to have career bests in batting average, home runs, and RBIs. However, with a star studded lineup like what the Yankees have the weight of his performance could be overshadowed.


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