The Sexiest Aliens to Ever Come to Earth

Alien invasions are never good. Well, except when the invading aliens happen to be a bunch of hot, sexy extraterrestrials who are all about exploring our space. Here’s our official list of the top aliens we would gladly invite to earth any day.

Serleena (Men in Black 2)

My second head's interested as well, Knoxville.

A small spaceship arrives in  Men in Black 2 and seconds later the sexy Lara Flynn Boyle appears,  clothed only in lingerie. Sure, she was very cold and very cruel in the movie, but no one in the audience really seemed to mind.

Leeloo (The Fifth Element)

Where did I leave my multipass?

The world is on the verge of destruction in the 5th element and all that lies between doom and salvation is a mysterious 5th element that has been designed to save the earth. Enter Milla Jovavich. She saves the world in style by playing the most perfect and sexy creature in the entire universe.

T’Pol (Star Trek)

Does t'Pol polish poles? Let's hope so.

Star Trek alien sensation T’pol was the only alien on the first human space ship. She was sweet, intelligent, sensual, and fierece. However, if we loved Vulcans to date for their logic, this was one hot number that really talked to your libido instead. Let first contact take place and let Tpol be present please. For sure, diplomatic relations would be established in 3 bases and I bet you could have fun mind-melding your most intimate fetishes without even uttering a word.

Caprica 6 (Battlestar Galactica)

Six. As in the number of times I cylon'd myself over this pic.

The series had enough action and innuendo to keep us watching. While one viewer was trying to satisfy their need to know who was or wasn’t a Cylon, the other watched strictly for Caprica 6 played by Tricia Helfer. She was a Cylon for sure but her exterior coating was so well crafted men could be damned for not taking her as the genuine article. Anyhow, if ever an invasion would take place, one wouldn’t mind if it came under the form of charming model-like blondes who would snuggle us to death.

Diana (V)

For the 80’s, V was the show that brought emotions, fears, ambiguity and some seductively wicked aliens to us in stereo sound no less. The first one we were allowed to meet in depth was the devious Diana. While she worked her hidden agendas to climb up the hierarchy and further personal gain, we were treated to the out-of-this-world physique of Jane Badler, emulating a race of lizard-like beings sent to colonize, conquer and harness us as food.

A word of advice for future takeover attempts, keep the skin ON. Clothes can come OFF. Not the other way around.

Sil (Species)

First name Sil, last name Icone. Come on, dem's fake!

When trying to play god with alien D.N.A, you might as well be Forrest Gump explaining a box of chocolates. One could end up with anything from Xtro to Leviathan, but, in this case, the surprise was on us. The magnificent Sil emerged from the cocoon of this noxious cocktail and while the characters in the film knew she was an alien with a dangerous objective, her unstoppable beauty rendered any thought of resistance futile.

Celeste Martin (My Stepmother is an Alien)

My stepmother is an illegal alien. Go back to Mexico, Juanita!

When Dan Aykroyd accidentally sent a signal that disturbed the stability and peace of an alien species, they sent sexy Celeste to resolve the problem. Aliens on secret missions were always well-equipped and all about the task at hand. Yet, here our adorable alien went with a different approach, learning the way to a man’s heart AND stomach. She didn’t have to learn a damn thing to learn how to make pants rise.

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