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Need To Know MMA Personalities


With the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts growing astronomically, it’s no wonder ESPN and big time news outlets are covering the sport. MMA has a fistful of dedicated magazines, radio shows, and blogs to bring you the latest news about your favorite fighter. But, if you only know the top fighters, you’ll never hold your own in a discussion at the water cooler and you’ll look like fool if you can’t speak to these 5 non-fighting personalities.

Dana White – UFC President

White vs. Vince McMahon - MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Why should you know him? Because he’s DANA WHITE!!! As the face of the premiere MMA organization, he’s quite possibly the most influential man in all of MMA. Any fan of the sport knows you need to follow him on Twitter, where you can get valuable info on ticket giveaways for upcoming PPV events. Dana White is definitely worth knowing, if only for his colorful comments.

Scott Coker – Strikeforce CEO

I'm a Pepsi guy myself. Photo by Esther Lin/STRIKEFORCE

If there’s anyone that comes close to being competitive with the UFC, it’s Strikeforce, and he’s the face of the franchise. He often seems more like the guy who would flirt with the waitress at Hooters than a successful businessman. His name will definitely come up in discussions with a hardcore fan, and you’ll feel great knowing that Coker is a CEO and not a castaway muppet leaving rehab.

Bruce Buffer – The Official Voice of the Octagon

Lets get ready to follow in my brother's footsteeeeeeeeeeps!

Bruce is the announcer for both Zuffa companies, the UFC and WEC. Essentially, he is the voice of MMA. You can tune in to his live radio show ‘It’s Time’ on the Sherdog Radio Network where he discusses life, women, sports and sex. When not behind a microphone, he is a true ambassador for the sport, and avid poker player. Bruce is the only non-fighter to have their own T-Shirt with the Silver Star Casting Company. If you don’t know about the ‘Buffer 360’, you have no clue what you’re missing.

Ariel Helwani – The Mixed Martial Arts Journalist

This aint yo Daddys lil mermaid. Its a dude. Who loves MMA.

Ariel has a cult-like following called ‘Helwannabies’. This man gets the best interviews caught on tape and is a staple at major MMA events. As the host of ‘The MMA Hour’ and on Dana White’s good side, he never fails to get the scoop. When he’s not sharing news on Twitter or interviewing fighters, he’s bitterly lamenting Canada’s loss of the Montreal Expos.

Arianny Celeste – UFC Octagon Girl

Check her out in the November issue of Playboy!

If you don’t already know who she is you better check your pulse. You are alive, right? This starlet rose to fame walking around a cage of bloodied fighters. As of late, she’s the host of the new UFC Ultimate Insider. Check out her Twitter and you’ll easily see why she was #98 in AskMen’s Top 99 Women on 2010. If you like what you see, just wait till next month’s issue of Playboy.

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COED Writer