COED Interview: A Different Spin’s ‘Comichick’ Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is an up-and-coming comic who debuted on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” She’s performed on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and her half-hour comedy special on Comedy Central was one of the highest rated specials in recent years. Other credits include appearances on “Curb Your Enthusiasm“, “30 Rock” and “Cupid.” She regularly appears on “Best Week Ever” and “I Love the 80s.”

She’s now the co-host of “A Different Spin with Mark Hoppus,” a new weekly show covering everything in the world of music. Last week, my buddy Steve interviewed Mark Hoppus. This week, it’s Amy’s turn.

COED: Were you / are you a Blink 182 fan? What other bands do you listen to?

AMY: I was and am a Blink fan and a +44 fan. I listen to a lot of hip hop, my faves are Biggie, Big L, Talib, Mos Def and still Wu Tang. I can’t stop listening to the XX, Jenny Lewis, Black Keys, Aimee Mann, Santogold, Arcade Fire, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Cat Power and the Sleigh Bells. I also love jazz. This list could go on forever.

COED: You tended bar and waited on tables when you first moved to NYC. Do you have any crazy stories about guests? Who was the most famous person you served?

El queso es viejo y mohoso. Donde esta el bano?

AMY: I served a lot of famous people when I was pouring drinks. I was just reminded of this story last night when I went back to the restaurant I used to work at on the Lower East Side. Adrian Grenier came in and asked where the bathroom was, so being the huge wise-ass that I am, without skipping a beat, I pointed down the stairs and he went. But when he got down there he was surrounded by a sea of short dishwashers looking at him with total confusion. He came back up and said, “Very funny” I said, “I’m sorry, I thought you worked here”.

COED: I’ve read you’re a Mets fan (so am I!), who’s your favorite Met?

AMY: I used to love Gary Carter when I was a little girl. Now I am a David Wright fan, he signed my hat at the gym once. I wouldn’t mind being Mrs. WrightNOW if you know what I mean! I mean sex.

COED: Comics aren’t easily offended. You’ve appeared on Patrice’s show, Jimmy Norton’s show, and Opie & Anthony. Has a comic ever crossed the line with you? Where do you draw the line?

AMY: A comic has never crossed the line with me. I believe if you are a real comic there is nothing you can’t joke about as long as it’s funny and not said with the intent of hurting someone.

COED: Any words of advice for aspiring comics?

AMY: Get on stage as much as possible, do whatever it takes and don’t play with the mic cord.

COED: How do you handle hecklers?

COED: When/if you’re bombing as a comic, how do pull out of that?

I used to rush to the next joke and try and please the crowd. Bombing is where you become stronger as a comic, it’s important. Now, if the crowd doesn’t laugh f*ck it, I know my jokes are funny.

COED: Worst comic and best comic you’ve ever worked with?

AMY: I’ve never had to open for anyone bad at all. But I’ve had some people open for me who were pretty terrible.

My favorite comics to work with are Dave Attell and Jim Norton. They are my favorite to hang out with on the road and watch on stage. The greatest guys you’ll ever meet.

COED: You went to Towson University in Maryland. What was your favorite bar while you were there?

AMY: Favorite Towson bar was CVP (“Charles Village Pub“). That place is responsible for a lot of great times and a lot of HPV. It should be called HPV.

COED: Joke stealing is a common problem in the comic world — how do you know the difference between copying and coincidence? Have you ever been accused of stealing?

AMY: The only time I’ve been accused of stealing was in Bloomingdale’s and they were right. I don’t steal. Every joke I write I call up a couple comics and say “Have you ever heard this before?” If the joke is really good I always assume it’s already been done. When It’s not and you realize it’s yours it’s the best feeling in the world, well the 2nd best.

To see more of Amy’s stand-up, check out her official website and make sure to follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

If you have a question you’d like to ask Amy, click here.

“A Different Spin” premiered last week and airs every Thursday at 7pm ET on FUSE.

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