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Bar Refaeli vs Adriana Lima: Who Ya Got? [Vote]


Ding! Ding! Ding! Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls of all ages. Welcome to this week’s “Who Ya Got?” bout featuring Bar “I Put the Ooo’s in Leonardo DiCaprio” Rafaeli vs. Adriana “Save Myself To Marriage” Lima. This battle of the uber-beauties began on our Facebook page when a heated debate broke out after I posted a picture of Adriana Lima and asked users to rate her on a scale from 1-10, one being a three toed sloth and 10 being Bar Rafaeli. Bar setting the bar high, what can I say, she’s perfection personified. Well, Michigan native Dennis argued that Bar Rafaeli isn’t the sexiest girl on Earth and went on to say Adriana is hotter. Rob from Illinois said Adrianna is a 7 and I gotta agree; she, or any other woman on Earth for that matter, doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as Bar Refaeli. Am I nuts? My coworker Neal says, “Hell yeah, you’re Looney Tunes!” What do you think? Vote in our poll below to settle this once and for all.

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